You Can Stay In Edward And Bella's Famous Honeymoon Hideaway From 'Breaking Dawn'

As many Twihards know, Stephanie Meyer just released Midnight Sun, the Twilight love story told from Edward's perspective. While the magic of Twilight hasn't actually disappeared, especially if you're a real fan, the story is coming back into the sparkling spotlight after 12 years since the final book Breaking Dawn was released.

What better way to celebrate than by staying in the romantic honeymoon hideaway the lovers escaped to to finally make Bella a vamp and conceive their demon child?

While Isle Esme may not exist, Paratay, Brazil certainly does.


That means yes, the honeymoon hideaway that Bella and Edward quickly jet off to to transform her into a vampire also exists, and you and up to 11 of your dearest Twihard pals (or your hunny) can actually rent it out.

The house really is a hideaway in the purest sense of the word. It's off of Saco do Mamanguá beach and is nestled between two lush green hills.


That means the views are breathtakingly incredible.

The backyard overlooks a private beach and rolling green mountains.

The home is massive, 37,674 square feet to be exact.


It has six large bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and more than enough living space for everyone to comfortably lounge in.

It also has everything you need to have more than an enjoyable stay, including internet, air conditioning, and even a fireplace if you want to set the cozy mood.

The decor may not be the exact same style as the 2011 movie, but as long as there's a chess board we're good.


The home is definitely fit for a Cullen, available to rent for$3,225 a night. While pricey, this is really a Twihard's dream destination.

Looks like we all know where our honeymoons will be!