'Ozark' Cast Opens Up About Killing Off Popular Characters

The cast of the hit Netflix show Ozark knows the fans are hurting. And to be fair, how couldn't we be?!

The show has seen it's fair share of beloved characters deaths, and now, the cast is FINALLY acknowledging what the show has done to us emotionally and spiritually.

And to that I say thank you— it hasn't been easy!!!!

When it comes to iconic Netflix shows, *Ozark* has totally reached cult status.

And with it's fourth and final season coming up, it's time to discuss some past trauma this show has put its devoted fans through!

For those who need a refresh, Ozark follows the lives of married couple Marty and Wendy Byrde who move their family to Missouri to set up a money-laundering operation, only to get mixed up in a world of crime.

In a recent "Variety" Streaming Room session, *Ozark* actors Laura Linney, Julia Garner, Jason Bateman along with the show’s showrunner, writer, cinematographer, director, production designer and executive producer, came together to talk about the plot twists in the latest season.


"I think people like identifying with the Byrdes and thinking, if they were in their situation, what would they do?” Laura said.

"It’s easy to be someone of questionable character. It’s not easy to be of solid character, I think. So I think people are realizing how easy it is to take the dark road."

Julia Garner echoed her costars statements: "You have all these dark, dark people, but they’re still so likeable because they’re people, they’re not just characters."

The third season brought the death of some of the most beloved characters and Jason Bateman said that *Ozark's* director Alexa Fogel makes it difficult for EVERYONE to deal with the loss of a cast member!


"It is amazing that Alexa Fogel is able to find us people that are as good a people as they are actors,” he said.

"It’s double torture. And she keeps doing it. We keep killing them off, and she keeps finding someone else that’s going to break our hearts."

Well at least we're ALL suffering here, together!

I cannot wait to see what season four has in store!