17+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘I’m Glad I’m Not That Guy’

There are a lot of funny situations we see on a daily basis that leave us eternally grateful that they happened to someone else and not us, whether it be someone tripping over, someone's kid coloring in their laptop, or someone getting the role of grass in the school play!

So, please enjoy these 17+ moments that made us go, "I'm glad I'm not that guy!"

"Don't let your child use your laptop."

Reddit | craghawk

At first glance, I genuinely thought that it was a kids' toy laptop! And, the more I look at it, the more I think that it is actually quite cool. I can't say I'll be doing it to mine though!

"So my buddy took his girlfriend flyfishing..."


The fact that you can see her in the reflection is perfect. It really tells a whole story in one image! I wonder if he ever took her out again?

"I heard this kid yelling for his dad at Lowe's, I went looking for him and..."

Reddit | GetALoadOfToad

I'm assuming that the guy in the AEC shirt is the father. He has that resigned look as though he's thinking, "Great, here we go again."

The Worst Idea On Earth?

Reddit | basshead541

What a great idea! This way, if the mattress is about to come flying off, it'll let you know by ripping your arm out of its socket!


Reddit | HempDick

Seagulls really are the worst kind of pest, aren't they? They're loud, obnoxious, and they steal your beach snacks, which are some of the most expensive snacks!

"I'm Speechless..."

Reddit | MrSquirly

Okay, so I'm actually quite impressed by this one. However, I cannot fathom how hard that thing must have been to drive!

"If you ever feel bad, just remember this guy played the role of 'grass' in his school play."

Reddit | sleashking

I would never have thought that there would be a school play where the kid that played the tree wasn't the bottom of the cast list! And yet, here we have the kid who played grass!

"Man I feel sorry for this guy!"

Reddit | ProTharan

Now, I get some crap put through my mailbox, but this is taking things to a whole new level! I wonder what it was that finally tipped him off — presumably the smell every time he opened it!

"I was told you guys might appreciate this. Made a pie today. Dropped a pie today."

Reddit | beely_yumyum2x2

I don't think that I have ever made anything that picturesque in my whole life. I would have cried if I had done this I think.

The Second Before Disaster!

Reddit | cadagricomiguel

Well, I mean, they were asking for trouble immediately when they got Johnny Walker instead of a proper Irish whiskey! (I'm sure that comment will rile up a fair few people!)

"I never knew it was possible to feel such pity for a mattress..."

Reddit | dadbodpowerlifter

When you hit rock bottom like this, it can feel like nothing in the world mattress, but it does!

"I feel bad for the fly..."

Reddit | xkaiserxremx

And to think, that poor fly only died for the sake of a single pun! Well, if I had to die for something, I'd want to at least die in the name of comedy, no matter how bad!

Well That's Certainly Not Good!

Reddit | JSN_2403

Wow, I hope to God it was just a drill as it doesn't look like anyone was rushing in to help him here!

"The female nurse didn't think I was funny. The male doctor couldn't stop laughing."

Reddit | Alaskanweed

The bit that really got me was the fact that "Standing in line behind children" makes the symptoms worse. I imagine that sitting on a plane with a crying child also has the same effect.

"Walked in the bathroom to find our precious child 'washing' a book he found."

Reddit | The_Anti-Monitor

Clearly they should have spent more time baby-proofing the book before thinking about baby-proofing marriages!

"My husband tried cutting his hair by himself."

Reddit | Jargon337

Look, he technically cut it. I mean, he cut it truly horrifically, but he cut it nonetheless!

"I had to cut down a tree in my yard and now I feel bad."

Reddit | wer190

Oh, God! Can you imagine coming home after a long day of foraging, only to find that your house has been completely removed!?

"Meanwhile in Iceland."

Reddit | Dodecahedron7

I get that the neverending confusion must be annoying, but I'd want people to ask. I want to know what the demographic of the penis museum is.

"Saw this card in a shop today."

Reddit | damaprimera

While funny, I hope it gets thrown out fast. This would be the worst card for any kid to find in their later years.

"Are we there yet?"

Reddit | mohicansgonnagetya

For a statue that's (likely) meant to represent serenity and peace, it sure does love to cause the opposite.

"When we got there to bail him out he wouldn't even look at us."

Reddit | Anti_Venom02

Well, clearly, he's ashamed of his actions. It's a good sign. It means he won't want to end up here again.

"My husband made lunch for me today."

Reddit | kerokaeru

As low effort as it is, at least he tried to do something nice? Maybe? Is that enough to redeem this?

"We ordered the cake on the left and received the cake on the right...Elmo has seen better days."

Reddit | jlust24

So the eyeballs bled black and red and the cake decorators just decided to leave it? This was deliberate. They wanted to give a kid nightmares.

"Every picture tells a story..."

Reddit | StevenMaurer

And in this story, whoever those belong to are lucky they only lost their pants!

"Poor kid."

Reddit | DeFuZR

That smile. That sweet, innocent smile. So much hope for the future that's about to be ripped from him.

"Please train the bears."

Reddit | roy4512

"This was an expensive trip to not get to see bears," isn't a sentence I thought I'd ever read, but here we are.

"This guy was throwing out 10,000 Magic The Gathering cards and the bag ripped."

Reddit | Mougadinarie

First of all, I feel bad that he bought that many Magic The Gathering cards. Secondly, why didn't he try to sell them at least?!

"Sneaky dude."

Reddit | 273718372

Does your daughter actually believe you're eating a full piece of lettuce? Even after you lift it to your mouth and it comes away with no bite marks?

"Idiot of the week award goes to this lady!"

Reddit | lesstaller

Seriously?! They thought that it was better to just drive off as opposed to taking five seconds to wipe it off? That is actually insane.