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Oreo's New Chocolate Hazelnut Flavor Combines Two Iconic Treats In One

Have you ever replaced the creme filling of Oreos with Nutella? Have you ever dreamed of doing it? Are you now appalled with yourself that you never thought of that before?

No need to be upset, because Oreo is releasing a Chocolate Hazelnut flavor that we've been waiting all our junk foodie lives for.

When it comes to spreads, Nutella continues to reign supreme.

It's just an all around enjoyable experience.

And when it comes to snacking, Oreo continues to lead the ranks.

So imagine these two iconic treats combined. Powerful, don't you think?

All our hopes and dreams are coming true, because a Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo has come to fruition.

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Instagrammer @candyhunting recently announced that this flavor would be out "soon."

You may be sitting here wondering if you've come down with a case of déjà vu, and you're not completely wrong.

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A couple years back, Oreo did in fact release a Chocolate Hazelnut creme-filled golden Oreo, and people really enjoyed them.

The new release is made with their classic chocolate cookies, so this one has "chocolate lover" written all over it.

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According to Delish the new permanent flavor will be hitting grocery store shelves in January 2021, so we definitely have something to look forward to already!