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Ryan Reynolds Urges Young People To Stop Partying During Pandemic: 'Don’t Kill My Mom'

Actor and professional troller Ryan Reynolds is speaking out to people who are partying and ignoring important social distancing measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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In case you forgot, Ryan Reynolds is a gorgeous lil' Canadian croissant.

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Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Ryan has always kept his beloved homeland close and has spoken out about issues affecting his great nation.

Because he's amazing like that!

So when British Columbia's Premier John Horgan called on Ryan and fellow B.C. actor Seth Rogan to reach out to young people and ask them to stop partying, Ryan was more than eager to oblige.

In an effort to reach the younger demographic, Hogan said: "This is a call to Deadpool."

Ryan quickly tweeted back at Premier Hogan, telling him he'd left him a voice message.

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In the message, the 43-year-old actor urges young people to stop socializing in large groups.

"Young people are partying. Which is of course dangerous. What they probably don’t know is that thousands of young people are not just getting sick from coronavirus, they are dying from it too," Ryan began.

"I hope young people in B.C. don’t kill my mom frankly. Or David Suzuki. Or each other. Let’s not kill anyone. That’s reasonable."

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"It's terrible it affects our most vulnerable. British Columbia is home to some of the coolest old people on earth."

You tell 'em, Ryan!

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