Quotes For People Getting A Little Too Used To This Working From Home Thing

To be honest, I've always been suspicious of people who stay fully dressed and perfectly made up even when they are at home.

Like, why bother wearing makeup if your plans for the day include passing out on the couch during a Netflix binge? You just end up with foundation all over your decorative pillows.

Personally, unless I have plans that day, the best you can expect of me is brushed teeth.

If I have no plans after work, within five minutes of arriving home the bra is off and the pajamas are on.

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Or if you balk at the idea of pjs being for anything except sleeping: the loungewear.

Kudos to the marketing department that realized there was untapped potential in catering to a group of pedants who liked being comfortable, but refused to put on pajamas until bedtime.

To say that my pajama habit has flourished in the nearly six months since the global pandemic shifted me to working from home would be an understatement.

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I literally ordered more pajama pants within the first few weeks because if I had enough I could put off laundry until my underwear drawer was empty.

To be clear, I don't work and lounge in the same pajamas that I sleep in. That would be a step too far.

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I don't actually like sleeping in loose clothing, so I swap the oversized tees and loose pants for tanks and leggings.

So yes, I have literally reached a stage where I still get "dressed for work" each morning, but just into a *different* set of pjs.

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One day, we will all look back on 2020 as a year of change.

Both in worldwide, systemic ways that could alert the course of human history, and as a likely tipping point where "business attire" finally died.

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