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Husband And Wife Born 4 Days Apart Celebrate Their 100th Birthdays Together

A Georgia couple certainly have a lot to celebrate this week after they both reached a major milestone together — their 100th birthdays!

As WTOC reported, newfound centenarians Billy and Nellie Jones of Savannah were born just four days apart and have always had joint birthday parties. Although the ongoing pandemic means they couldn't gather all their friends and family together into one room, the pair were still able to have a super special, socially-distanced celebration.

Billy and Nellie have been married for nearly 80 years and were first introduced to each other in high school.

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“She was practicing for a play at Savannah High School on Washington Avenue,” Billy told WTOC. “A friend of mine waved at her and spoke to her. I said, ‘who is that?’ He said, ‘that’s Nellie. She’s in my class, would you like to meet her?’ He turned the car around, took me back and introduced me to Nellie.”

Together the couple has three sons, six grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

When it came time to celebrate their 100th birthdays (Billy's on August 7 and Nellie's on August 11), their family knew it couldn't just be any old party.

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But with the coronavirus pandemic still going strong in the U.S., and people still being encouraged to practice social distancing, they had to move the celebration outside — specifically, to the street.

A parade of cars, golf carts, and bicycles drove past the Jones' home where they've lived for more than six decades while the birthday boy and girl watched from chairs on the lawn.


Nellie wore a sash reading "100 & Fabulous," while Billy sported a hat that said, "100 never looked so good."

Surrounded by dozens of colorful balloons, the pair laughed and waved to all their friends and family who came out to wish them both a very happy 100th.

Nellie admitted she was surprised that her family put together such a heartwarming celebration during such uncertain times.


“For somebody to do all of this work for me, I’m just speechless,” she told WTOC.

But her daughter-in-law Anne Jones knew both Billy and Nellie deserved to feel loved, even if their party had to look a little different this year.

“They love people and have always been very generous,” she said, adding, “100 years of just love and honor and character that they’ve taught us."

Although they've been together for almost 80 years and are both now 100 years old, they said they're still the same people they were when they met.

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And what's their secret to making it to 100?

“Go to church, love the Lord,” Billy said. “He’s the one taking care of us."

Nellie added, “Try to do what He would like for you to do."

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