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Abandoned Rooster Shows Up At Auto Shop And Decides That It Works There

I've seen plenty of stories about stray cats wandering into a place and calling it home, and even the odd dog, but I think it's pretty safe to say that this is the first time I've ever heard of a rooster doing it.

It all started in summer 2018, when a homeless rooster wandered into R and R Garage in North Carolina.

Figuring that the chicken had been abandoned, they gave him some scraps from the fridge and assumed he'd move on.

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When he was still there after everyone returned from a long weekend, they realized he had no intension of leaving.

While some businesses might have tried to have him removed, the mechanics at the garage decided against that.

They even named him Earl.

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Earl sleeps in a nearby tree most nights, but when there's rough weather in the forecast, the staff makes sure to bring him inside for safety.

Most mornings, he rushes out of his tree to meet the first person to arrive, then greets everyone else as they come in.

After getting breakfast served to him, Earl earns his keep by prowling the shop for spiders and other bugs.

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Once he's eaten his fill, he follows people around and naps when he's tired. The loud shop noises don't even bother him.

He's been tripped over more than once, but that doesn't deter Earl from sleeping where he pleases.

Though the shop never intended to have an animal mascot, they don't mind that a mascot chose them.

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Since adopting the garage as his base, Earl has become a local celebrity and has probably brought in extra customers simply by being there.

For the staff, though, Earl is just part of the family now.

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