15+ Weird Pics We Might Never Get An Explanation For

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit

When I say I'm a fan of mysteries, I usually mean unsolved cases and strange phenomena. However, the photos on this list are a lot more...mundane. That doesn't make them any less interesting though, and will surely leave you with just as many questions.

"Got a complaint at work about 'very loud crickets' in the bathroom."

Reddit | cedarvan

Sirs, you are so incredibly far from a pond it's unreal. I mean, I guess there is a small body of water nearby, but not one you want anything to do with.

"[The] rats in my backyard devoured their way into the poison we feed them."

Reddit | julianmarket

Little do you know they're actually building up an immunity, using your own poison as a means of toughening themselves up. Better find a new tool, and soon.

"I saw a tree growing through a house today."

Reddit | catherUne

They really wanted a treehouse but figured it'd be easier to put the tree in the house than the other way around.

"Found while investigating [an] abandoned fortress."

Reddit | EternalVirginityMan

So...was this graffiti left there as a proposal? Or was it an existential question left there by a confused wanderer?

"Local guy stole a car and repainted it to avoid suspicion."

Reddit | Svenskens

The only mystery here is what was going through the thief's mind when they came up with this idea.

"Saw this all-mustard vending machine yesterday."

Reddit | sterereo

I'm a seasoned mustard hater, so this fills me with disgust, but it also fills me with confusion. Wait, no, I found out it's in The Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin — back to disgust.

"This banana car I saw at Walmart this weekend."

Reddit | Jayro_Ren

Why am I not surprised that someone who owns a banana car is at Walmart during what looks like the middle of the night?

"The way the fire looks in this picture."

Reddit | mrpieisawesome

I spent a while staring at the flame trying to figure out why it looked like that, then I saw the tens of birthday candles bunched together at the bottom and now I'm even more confused. What's going on here?

"I have some concerns about this delivery note."

Reddit | astariasong

Seeing as there was no update from the uploader, I'm going to assume they were eaten by the spiders.

"At least someone passed Mrs. Puff's boating school."

Reddit | deadheadway

Is this like one of those tour bus/boats that can drive on land and sea?

"There’s a bug in my lighter."

Reddit | Pujiman

I'm sure he's just as pleased as you are about him being in there. That is to say, not very.

"While driving, I saw a man with a shoe in his mouth."

Reddit | mcnugglet

My only thought is that he was running late and swapped his shoes and his breakfast. I'll put money on there being some toast on his foot.

"This happened at my bakery on Feb 19th of this year and I feel like 2020 was trying to warn me."

Reddit | DesTheBaker

While yes, it probably was, you're not even addressing the obvious here which is how this even happened.

"I want to know what kind of transmission this thing has."

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

While I"m very interested in seeing this drive, I'm even more interested in seeing it brake. A little nervous, but still interested.

"I have so many questions..."

Reddit | frenchyy66

What's there to ask? It's a standard corn attack. A shame, but it happens, hopefully this person has insurance.

"I get a pointy finger if I draw for too long."

Reddit | The-Goat-Lord

I'm realizing how few sharp angles there are in the human body, as this is really unsettling to look at.

"I saw a green pigeon in Malaysia."

Reddit | The_Wayfairer

Most of the comments said it likely got in some chalk, but I like to think it's an alien that hasn't quite gotten used to shape shifting yet.

"There is a swing in this bar bathroom."

Reddit | Sandro638

Trying to wait out a bad date? Now you have something to kill time with until they eventually leave!

"Just a half dozen cribs out front for free. Nothing weird about that."

Reddit | airbrushedvan

Nope, nothing weird, creepy, or concerning. That building certainly isn't haunted by a group of babies and those cribs definitely aren't cursed.

"This piano upcycled as a cooker hood extractor."

Reddit | Dahl

I guess if I try I can figure out what they were going for, but it did not work out. They need to cut their losses and replace it. And while they're at it, move that vase off the stove, that can't be safe.

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