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Miley Cyrus Claims She Was 'Villainized For Moving On' After Her Divorce From Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus has always been good at making people talk, whether it's for good reasons or bad. When she went through her very public divorce from actor Liam Hemsworth last year, there was a lot of talk about how quickly it seemed Miley had moved on to new relationships.

Miley has now spoken out about the public reaction to those relationships.

Miley Cyrus' split from Liam Hemsworth was big news when it happened.

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The couple had been together on and off for almost ten years, and their split was quickly followed by the news that Miley was seeing Kaitlynn Carter and then fellow musician Cody Simpson.

Miley has spoken about the reaction to those relationships in a new interview.

“At first when I got out of my long time relationship and it didn’t work…that was really, like, traumatizing,” Miley revealed.

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“Now I’m in a place where I look at it and love it and respect it,” Miley said on an episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast. “The relationship I had for 10 years was an amazing time of my life,” she continued.

“I feel like as a woman, I felt like I was villainized for moving on," Miley said of the public's reaction to her relationships after her marriage ended.

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"I really think that’s not acceptable,” Miley added, saying that there were many celebrity men like Johnny Depp who had "gone through women" and not been treated the same way that she had been.

“I would’ve much rather the public, like I guess, villainize me because of for my sexuality,” Miley continued.

“But they tried to make me seem disloyal which is so against my [expletive] character…my character is my everything, that is my foundation, what I thrive on," Miley said, echoing the sentiment of her twitter thread she'd made at the time.

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