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Kellogg's New Birthday Cake Waffles Make Mornings Feel Like A Party

If any company knows a thing or two about breakfast, it's Kellogg's. They've been hooking us up for years, helping us start our day off on the right foot.

They're giving us even more reason to get excited for breakfast with their new Birthday Cake Waffles.

Every day is a party thanks to Kellogg's new Birthday Cake Waffles.

Instagram | @candyhunting

Instagrammer @candyhunting shared the new product on their Instagram page.

The ready-to-toast waffles taste like yellow cake and are loaded with confetti sprinkles.

Instagram | @candyhunting

Eat them with syrup, or spread some icing on there and have your very own personal birthday cake every morning.

Now, the Instagrammer noted something quite peculiar about the product.

Instagram | @candyhunting

Not only have they not heard back from any Kellogg's reps about the release, but these also aren't Eggo-branded waffles.

Did they...leggo the Eggo?

Regardless of whether or not there was a mistake in branding on Kellogg's part, we're definitely eager to give these a try!

Keep an eye out for them at your local grocery stores.