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A Moscow Mule Mimosa Combines Two Classic Cocktails For The Ultimate Boozy Brunch Beverage

Do you ever think about how the best drinks start with the letter "M"? Margarita, martini, mojito, mint julep, mimosa, Moscow mule...don't tell me you're not about to run to your at-home bar and fix yourself one of these ASAP.

Just imagine the power of a Moscow mule mimosa at brunch.

The two classic cocktails mimosa and Moscow mule come together to change the brunch game.

A Nerd Cooks

Both are divine on their own, but together? A match made in brunch heaven.

The drink makes no substitutes, expertly combining vodka, ginger beer, orange juice, and sparkling wine for a sweet boozy fusion of flavors.

A Nerd Cooks

Lauren of the blog A Nerd Cooks takes the drink a step further by using orange-flavored vodka to give it an extra kick of flavor.

She also serves it in a copper Moscow mule cup and garnishes it with an orange wedge slice for the perfect sipping experience.

You can also make it sans vodka and serve it up in a champagne flute like a classic mimosa.

The Cookie Rookie

Blogger The Cookie Rookier uses the orange spiced Crabbies ginger beer flavor to make sure no ounce of flavor is missed.

If you never thought of drinking a Moscow mule at brunch, you certainly might now!

Will you be giving this cocktail a try? Let us know!

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