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Nick Cannon Slams 'Cancel Culture' After Controversy Over Anti-Semitic Remarks

Cancel culture is a hot button issue in our society. While it's important for those who say or do harmful or offensive things to be held accountable for their actions, it is also important that people be allowed the opportunity to learn and to grow from their mistakes to become a better person.

That seems to be what Nick Cannon believes, as well.

In July, Nick ended up in some hot water over controversial remarks he made on his podcast.

Nick was under fire for anti-Semitic remarks made on his Cannon's Class podcast, and although he eventually took to Twitter to apologize, he did end up losing his job as the host of Wild 'N Out.

In a video shared to his Instagram account, Nick has now spoken out about the idea of cancel culture.

"It shouldn't cancel culture. It should be counsel culture," Nick shared.

"You're a danger to those who stick in their ground and put their flag down like 'this is where I stand,'" his guest, Pastor Michael Pfleger, added in the short clip.

This isnt the first time Nick has spoken out about this subject.

“In media in general, I’m usually the devil’s advocate or angel’s advocate, as they say, in part of this cancel culture where I feel like I’m not a fan of by any means,” he said in June.

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“I think we should shift the idea from ‘cancel culture’ to ‘counsel culture,’ because we all have a past. Clearly, we’re living in a very systemic infrastructure where everyone’s guilty," Nick told Variety about his feelings about cancel culture.

“So in that, let’s figure out how to fix that one individual at a time,” Nick said.

“And use these times when people may say something incorrectly, or out of ignorance, and educate them. Whether it’s my fellow castmates that I have to come to the defense of, or someone that I don’t know at all may have made an insensitive tweet 10 years ago, I’m going to step up and I’m going to speak truth to it," Nick finished.

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