Someone Designed A LEGO Set Based On 'The Office,' And It Definitely Deserves A Dundie

Where there's a television show or a movie, there's most likely a LEGO set for that. While LEGO is pretty on top of pop culture in terms of their sets, they can't make 'em all, and that's where their user-generated LEGO IDEAS comes in clutch.

There are tons of creative folks who fill in the missing pieces when it comes to making iconic pop cultural artifacts come to life in miniature form, like this set inspired by the hilariously cringey sitcom The Office.

LEGO IDEAS user SoGenius106 is bringing *The Office* to life with their recreation of the iconic Dunder Mifflin office space.


While it's just an idea and prototype so far, it definitely already deserves a Dundie.

The set would come with everything builders need to recreate a day in the life at Dunder Mifflin.


It would include everyone's desks and a number of small details that make the Dunder Mifflin office the charmingly chaotic space it is.

SoGenius106 hopes the final set would also come with the entirety of the show's cast, including Michael, Dwight, Pam, Jim, Angela, Toby, and so many more.


This way, fans will be able to recreate their favorite scenes, which are endless.

Right now, the product idea has just over 5,000 supporters, which is the halfway goal to LEGO actually officially reviewing the set.


Be sure to head to SoGenius106's page to support the project and get it to 10K supporters so it can come to life!

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