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You Can Crochet The Sanderson Sisters To Really Bring Them To Life

If you're a Halloween lover, then you know Hocus Pocus is basically The Ten Commandments of Halloween. It's become a necessary tradition to watch and count how many times Winifred says, "sisTAAAHS!"

I'll tell ya something. No black flame candle needs to be lit to bring the Sanderson Sisters to life with crochet patterns of the trio.

Want to hang out with the Sanderson Sisters whenever you please? You can easily bring them to life by crocheting amigurumi versions of them.

Etsy | aloha808ml

The patterns are courtesy of Etsy seller McCall Lee from the shop aloha808ml, who crafted the cutest crochet versions of the wickedly hilarious sisters for everyone to enjoy.

No detail is missed with the crochet versions of Winifred, Mary, and Sarah.

Etsy | aloha808ml

The sisters are all dressed in their iconic outfits and are ready to take flight with their brooms.

Mary even comes with her iconic vacuum broom, which is a necessary accessory.

Etsy | aloha808ml

All they need is Book and they're set!

Winifred ends up being 8.5 inches tall, Sarah at 7.5 inches tall, and Mary at 10.5 inches tall.

Etsy | aloha808ml

The patterns were made for intermediate crocheters and include detailed step-by-step instructions and lists of materials, which you can consider like your own spell book.

If only a spell could magically make these appear for those who don't crochet!

Find the trio of patterns here for $15.

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