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The 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Operation Game Has You Operate On Oogie Boogie

If you're familiar with Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas, then you may or may not have been utterly spooked by the film's antagonist Oogie Boogie, aka the Boogeyman. He's depicted as a burlap sack filled with a bunch of bugs and is exactly what Boogeyman nightmares are made of!

He does make the perfect character for the classic childhood game Operation, however.

If you love both *The Nightmare Before Christmas* and board games all at once, then this version of the classic Operation game is right up your Halloween Town alley.

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It revives the classic with a major spooky fun twist.

As you know, Oogie Boogie is filled with bugs, so he makes the perfect character to operate on.

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Players take turns trying to remove 12 items from inside Oogie Boogie, including a snake, a spider, a dice, worms, a needle and thread, a roulette wheel, a card deck, keys, bones, a scorpion, a bat, and a bug.

Oogie Boogie also makes five familiar sounds from the 1993 movie to really bring the game to life.

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If you've ever wanted to capture Oogie Boogie and take revenge on him for trying to ruin Christmas, this is the way to do it!

Get your own from Shop Disney for $30.

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