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Spangled Cotingas Seem Dull Until Sunlight Reveals Their Spectacular Colors

Some bird species wear their beauty loud and proud, while others prefer the safety and camouflage of natural shades.

Then there are the species who seem pretty middle-of-the-road, average even, until the light hits them just right and their incredible spender is revealed.

The spangled cotinga is one such bird, for in its shady perches high in the Amazon canopy, it can seem dark or even black at first glance.

But then the sunlight will hit it just right and reveal that it's not dull and black at all.

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In fact, the spangled cotinga is brilliant turquoise blue with a bright purple neck.

There are black tips to many of their feathers and black in their wings and tails, but instead of boring, the black just makes their coloring seem more vibrant.

Of course, it's only the males who exhibit these bright blues and purples.

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The females are brown and don't fly much, spending most of their time in the canopy.

They aren't in any danger of extinction at the moment and are common throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the Amazon Rainforest.

However, because they don't move around much, they're actually quite tough to catch a glimpse of.

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This has also made them though for researchers to study thoroughly.

Spangled cotingas don't even sing, so you can't listen for them when hoping for a sighting.

The only noise these birds make is when threatened.

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When that happens, they take flight and the wind rushing through specialized, vibrating wing feathers will produce a loud whistle.

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