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People Are Getting Unique Tattoos Based On The Coronavirus Pandemic

Getting a tattoo is usually an idea that stems from a lot of research. At least, that's how it was for me.

I was initially inspired by a favorite James Bond movie and then I looked for a tattoo artist. But people get inspiration from all kinds of places. For example, the recent pandemic has spawned a slew of interesting and creative tattoo ideas.

1. This 'Simpsons' Number

Oh my goodness, how cool is this tattoo inspired by The Simpsons? I think this is a hilarious take on the whole COVID-19 situation. This is probably how The Simpsons would handle it, ha, ha! I love this piece.

2. This Funny Take

I think we all will feel like having a Corona beer after dealing with this current pandemic. This is a more humorous take on the whole ordeal and an interesting way to mark a recovery.

3. This Virus Vile

This is such a simple design, yet at the same time, so eye-catching. Don't you think so? I really dig the detail on it. I dunno if it would be something I would go for, but it's really well done.

4. This Old-School Style Tattoo

I get the feeling that this tattoo is embracing the vintage, sailor-style tattoo with this interesting design. The detail on this colorful piece is really outstanding. I love all the amazing colors in this one as well.

5. This Nurse In Charge Design

This is such a sweet tribute to nurses. I think the artist did a wonderful job creating this beautiful design. It will stand as a reminder of all the health workers' dedication and sacrifice.

6. This Quarantine Love

Imagine if this was our reality. I dunno if I would like it so much. But as a tattoo, I can laugh at the thought of it from the comfort and the safety of my home.

7. This Banksy Tribute Tat

Somebody actually got this Bansky tribute to healthcare workers inked on their body. I gotta say, I really like this piece of work. It's beautifully done, to say the least, and it has a poignant message to it too.

8. This Interesting Concept

This is such a cool way to represent the old and the new. On one side is the way people dressed to deal with the bubonic plague and on the other, how they dress today with this pandemic. How interesting is that?

9. This Sinister Design

I've always found these plague doctor outfits quite scary. They definitely fit in some kind of horror movie genre. This tattoo artist captured the vibe of the pandemic times so vividly in this tattoo design. It's giving me the chills.

10. This Masterpiece

Whoa, talk about being creative with a tattoo design. This one is so intricate with its detail I'm truly in awe of it. Regardless of the meaning behind it, I think it's really spectacular work. I'm blown away by it.

Even though this type of tattoo may not be everyone's cup of tea, you can't deny the awesome creativity that went into these stunning designs.

All of these tattoo artists captured this unusual time we're going through with such gusto.

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