15+ Pics That Had An Unexpected Effect On How We See The World

It doesn't necessarily take much to have your perspective shifted just a bit. We're not talking about big, life-changing stuff, but instead the kinds of things that elicit a classic "...huh" response. All it takes is to see something just a tad out of the ordinary.

Art IRL.

Reddit | SleepingLesson

The person who took this photo had an image of Girl with the Pearl Earring on their TV, and the reflection worked out perfectly to look like said girl is right over their back fence.

Together always.

Reddit | Criticalg

The drama between Catholics and Protestants has led to sectarian violence in many different parts of the world. This married couple — one Protestant, one Catholic — couldn't be buried together.

All creatures great and small.

Reddit | nexgen_daddy

This pic shows a kitten. You probably knew that already. What you may not have known is that the weird, kitten-sized object it's standing behind is the tooth of a full-grown elephant.

French fries: the early years.

Reddit | JakeYoungin

This should be an order of delicious Chick-Fil-A waffle fries, and to be fair, most of it is just that. It also includes a decidedly non-waffley whole potato in the mix.

Like an undulating blanket.

Reddit | naveedflix

If you think you've seen every kind of cloudy day known to humanity, think again. Somewhere out there, right at this very second, there's a cloud formation that could blow your mind.

Miniature railway?

Reddit | shewalkinglikea

These benches have been placed on rails, allowing them to be mobile in order to catch the best shade. Personally, I'd just have fun pushing them along the rails.

Just chilling.

Reddit | Unicornglitteryblood

This black bear was spotted at a Canadian garbage dump as it relaxed on an old loveseat. With one leg crossed over the other and its arm on the armrest, it looks just like a person.

So much knowledge.

Reddit | WrappingPapers

When I see a grand old library like this, I think two things. The first is a sense of awe at all of the accumulated knowledge. The second is that no one will ever read these dusty old books.

Puts it into perspective.

Reddit | snacc-man

We're often guilty of undervaluing trees, chopping them down as soon as they get in our way. But this calculation is an interesting way of viewing trees — they're basically as valuable as a modest home.

Butt out.

Reddit | handy_dandy_andy

It seems like kind of a tease to create a pillar that looks exactly like a gigantic cigarette, then plaster a big No Smoking sign on it.

Splendid smudge.

Reddit | BringDat_Camelbak

I thought this was a sunglasses lens with a cool snowy mountain range motif, but turns out it's a lens with a big, gross, greasy smudge on the bottom.

Piercing the clouds.

Reddit | [deleted]

Low-hanging fog in Chicago, seen from above, creates this otherworldly scene. You can't see Lake Michigan or the suburbs or anything, just the tops of the downtown skyscrapers.

Rarely seen.

Reddit | TheKotoExperiencrrr

The Sphinx was buried up to its neck for many thousands of years, so seeing its full body is a relatively recent (or ancient) thing. Yes, it's supposed to have a cat's body, and yes, it has a tail.

Too bad, Canada.

Reddit | LeopoldMandic

This book lists its price in U.S. dollars, but rather than following standard practices by listing a Canadian price, it just says it'll be "higher." Sorry, Canada.

Shred for the Lord.

Reddit | goharvorgohome

An abandoned church in St. Louis has been transformed into a massive indoor skatepark. This should absolutely be a bonus level in any upcoming Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games.

Furniture for ants.

Reddit | DragonLoad

This furniture store saves space by displaying small, intricately detailed replicas of sofas. That's cool and all, but how do you find out if they're actually comfortable to sit on?

So close.

Reddit | Dee_Dot_Dee

This pen ably wrote down a diarist's thoughts, page after page. Then, with about five lines to go in the whole journal, it ran out of ink.

Dandelion fountains.

Reddit | Theworldwalk

This fountain in Azerbaijan is so effective at looking like dandelions that if you blur your eyes a bit, you'd swear it literally was dandelions.

For the long climb ahead.

Reddit | katana_kusanagi

Donkeys and mules can haul big loads, and judging from this pic, they're equally adept at smaller cargo as well. This is how farmers take sheep up mountains.

Out for a (slow) walk.

Reddit | deepdk002

It's one thing to wait for your dog to sniff every post and tree on your walk; it's quite another to wait for a glacially slow tortoise to complete its route.

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