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'Cheese Graveyards' Are A Deliciously Spooky Take On Classic Charcuterie Boards For Halloween

If there's one food you can always rely on, whether entertaining or enjoying solo, it's a charcuterie board. There's always something for everyone, and you don't have to commit to a large pre-made plate of food. You get to have a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

They're also super diverse and can be enjoyed during any season, so have some fun with your charcuterie board this Halloween season by turning it into a "cheese graveyard."

Charcuterie boards get a chilling upgrade for the Halloween season with "cheese graveyards."

Kathleen's Confections

How fun is this? Whether you're enjoying with others or just your hangry self, they make chowing down on a small smörgåsbord much more entertaining.

You can fill your board with whatever you like, but the star of the show is certainly a casket-shaped wedge of brie cheese.


You can carve grave crosses into blocks of whatever cheese you like and place them over a parsley-filled lawn to make it look like a cemetary.

You can also add a ton of other spooky finger food recipes to fill the board and really add to the whole vibe.

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Trader Joe's also tends to bring out their bat- and ghost-shaped chips around fall that are a cheese graveyard must-have.

Whatever you choose to fill your cheese graveyard with, it definitely won't last long!

Will you be giving a cheese graveyard a try this fall? Let us know!