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Celebrities Who Are Way Shorter Than We Thought

Move over, Snooki!

There are other pint-sized celebs in Hollywood — ones that no one knew about.

Whether it's done on purpose or coincidentally, all have perfected the art of disguising their height. This is achieved through heels, tall hats, and magic (okay, kidding on that last one).

But they are masters at fooling us all. Here are 10+ celebs who are way shorter than we thought.

Ariana Grande - 5'3"

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You know her for her big voice and signature ponytail, but a lot of people don't know the singer's real height.

That because she disguises it well with her high heels and captivating voice. But she is quite tiny!

Emila Clarke - 5'2"

Fans were too busy being mesmerized by the actress in Game of Thrones to notice that she's actually 5'2".

But what does height matter when you're one of the most powerful women in the seven kingdoms with your own dragons??

Kim Kardashian - 5'2"

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She's short and she knows it (just take a look at her next to sister Kendall). Kim even once shared a blog post about how to appear taller.

"I've learned that there are a few really good styling tricks for short girls like me. They're simple and make all the difference. Not everyone is Kendall, LOL!"

Daniel Radcliffe - 5'5"

The Boy Who Lived is actually The Boy Who Is Shorter Than We Thought.

He once told Playboy that this doesn't hold his career back. He brought up that Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise are the same height as him and have great careers.

Kristen Bell - 5'1"

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I wonder if she's the same height as her character, Anna, on Frozen?

Either way, we know that she's nowhere close to the height of her hubby, Dax Shepard. At 6'3", they have the space of a small human between them!

Mila Kunis - 5'4"

She may be small — 5'4" — but she's got a big personality. In comparison, her husband and former That '70s Show costar, Ashton Kutcher, is 6'2".

We'll have to wait and see if their two kids inherit her height!

Bruno Mars - 5'5"

Small body, big...voice.

The singer's tiny height was made all the more noticeable when he stood next to Taylor Swift at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. A lot of memes were made that day.

Josh Hutcherson - 5'5"

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When he starred in The Hunger Games, he was the odd short man out.

This is because his costars, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, are both taller than him. Jen is 5'9" and Liam is 6'3". But hey, he still looked great.

Eva Longoria - 5'2"

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No one knows if the Desperate Housewives actress has been desperate her whole life to be taller.

But there she stands at 5'2", which probably made her failed marriage to NBA star, Tony Parker, a good thing since he was so tall!

Kevin Hart - 5'2"

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We have always known that the comedian was short, but we did not know how short. Turns out, he is 5'2".

But he takes this in stride and this even makes his bromance with The Rock that more adorable.

Kourtney Kardashian - 5'0"

If you thought Kim K was short, her older sister, Kourtney, is even shorter.

She sits at 5 inches exactly. This adds to her adorableness, though, as she is actually known for being quite feisty. She can definitely hold her own against her siblings.

Nicki Minaj - 5'2"

She may have a huge personality, but the rapper is only 5'2".

Maybe that's why she's always wearing all of her elaborate outfits and higher-than-heaven heels! Either way, she looks great and just had her first baby.

Hilary Duff - 5'2"

While the Younger star is happy with her height (and weight), she did tell Elle that weight gain is more apparent with her petite frame.

"However it comes across, it comes across. I just tell myself, 'I'm 5'2", I'm really fit, killing it in the gym, and doing crazy things.'"

Billie Eilish - 5'31/2"

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While she may be young, it's very likely that the 18-year-old singer is done growing.

This means that she'll stay at 5'31/2" for some time. Her baggy fashion sense makes her look taller anyway. She knows how to make it work for herself.

Mary Kate and Ashley - 5'0" and 5'1"

Despite being twins, there is one major difference between these two: Ashley is 5'1", while Mary-Kate is 5'0".

Their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, is actually taller than both of them at 5'7". Putting aside their height, they all look extremely alike.

Britney Spears - 5'4"

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She has been a pop star for all these years and we never knew her height!

Fun fact: Britney is the same height as Queen Elizabeth II. This is just further proof that Britney has, and always will be, Queen.

Lady Gaga - 5'1"

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This one is probably the most surprising.

She looks way taller than she is because of her captivating performances, outrageous outfits, and, of course, those monstrous heels.

But in reality, she's only a bit taller than Jersey Shore's Snooki!

Reese Witherspoon - 5'1"

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We never thought we would find something in common with the eccentric Lady Gaga and the southern belle, Reese Witherspoon, but they are both 5'1".

We can barely notice, though. She is too busy making power moves in film and television.

Jessica Simpson - 5'3"

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Her petite height might be why she spends her life in her own designer platforms and heels!

This also could be attributed to the fact that she is married to a football player, Eric Johnson, who's 6'3".

Tom Cruise - 5'6"

Thanks to clever camera angles and technique, most audiences never come to realize just how small in stature Tom Cruise really is.

But what the actor lacks in vertical fortitude, he makes up for in pure, unfiltered adrenaline.

Melissa Joan Hart - 5'2"

This picture combines two of my greatest childhood loves: Melissa Joan Hart and Lunchables.

In all seriousness, why don't they make these for adults? I would 100% be a customer. I think I'm going to have to write the people at Schneiders a letter.

Zach Galifianakis - 5'7"

I know I've spoken my truth on this subject on more than one occasion, but I can't stress enough how much I did not enjoy The Hangover.

Which I know sounds like such a contrarian thing to say. Zach at his best is still Out Cold by a long shot.

Jodie Foster - 5'3"

I feel like Jodie Foster is someone who doesn't get enough credit. I still get chills each and every time I watch her in The Silence of the Lambs.

She may only be 5' 3" but you'd swear that she was seven feet tall when you watch her on-screen.

Jack Black - 5'7"

Sure, Jack might not be the tallest guy walking down the red carpet. But I can almost guarantee you that he has a better high kick than 90% of his colleagues.

If that reference went over your head, it's a Community joke.

Anna Kendrick - 5'0"

Anna Kendrick has a lot to look up to, largely because she barely scrapes the five-foot mark.

No offense, Anna, but you are probably one of the last people I'd ever want to go to Disney World with. I doubt she'd even be tall enough to ride Space Mountain!

Dustin Hoffman - 5'6"

I feel so embarrassed to admit that I've never seen Dustin in Rain Man. It's always been a film that for one reason or another I've never been able to sit through.

What are your thoughts? Worth the watch?

Jada Pinkett Smith - 5'0"

How short is Jada Pinkett Smith, you ask? Well, so short that it ended up costing her a job!

Jada auditioned to play Lisa on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but lost out on the part due to hers and Will Smith's drastic height difference.

Elijah Wood - 5'6"

I suppose it should have been a dead giveaway just how short Elijah was when Peter Jackson chose to cast him as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings.

If the tiny shoe fits, you wear it.

Scarlett Johansson - 5'3"

Scarlett is 5' 3" of pure badassery.

If Marvel and Disney ever make up their minds on just what they plan to do about the Black Widow release date, we'll be able to see it in full force.

Aziz Ansari - 5'6"

The other day, I started re-watching old episodes of Parks and Rec and before I knew it, I'd already burned through the first two seasons.

Aziz Ansari may be small, but he's packed full of hilarity.

Natalie Portman - 5'3"

Is it just me or does Natalie Portman have the Queen Elizabeth II wave down to a science? I'm quite sure that Her Royal Highness would agree.

I've been obsessed with Natalie ever since I first saw Léon: The Professional and I'm dying to see her as Thor!

Ken Jeong - 5'5"

Do you know how there are certain roles that some actors seem born to play? Well, Professor Ben Chang was that for Ken Jeong.

I'd rank him high on the list of "Greatest TV Villain of All Time."

Megan Fox - 5'4"

If there's one thing I have come to respect in a person it's an ability to build a tall and proud Jenga tower.

I don't know Megan, but from what I can see from this picture — she seems like good people.

Johnny Galecki - 5'5"

I've never seen a man look so vexed to be holding such a tiny umbrella.

Where do you even get one of those and what's the point? Do you keep it close by in case there's a slight chance of rain?

Seth Green - 5'4"

I'm deeply disturbed by that bear. I feel like its eyes are looking into my very soul in the most invasive way imaginable.

It's straight-up creepy and looks like it's going to come alive and eat Seth.