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Rescued Pit Bull Who Thinks He's A Cat Keeps Climbing Onto Impossible Places

When I make the observation that one of my dogs is more like a cat, I'm mostly joking. He did spend his puppy months in a home with three cats and sometimes mimics their mannerisms, but Wesley is still very much a dog at heart.

I'm not sure I can say that about Mako the pit bull, though.

As you can see, Mako likes to be on top of things.

Instagram | @mako_thecatdog

Tables, countertops, you name it — Mako is happy to climb atop it.

It definitely wasn't what his new family expected when they brought him home from the shelter.

At first, humans Bethany and Samantha Castiller worried that the two-year-old pit bull would struggle to adapt to a home with cats.

Instagram | @mako_thecatdog

They even kept them in separate parts of the house at first, planning a slow introduction.

Quickly, the women realized that Mako was a jumper.

He kept getting up onto low chairs and tables, which they assumed was merely excitement.

Once the cats were properly introduced, it became very clear that not only had Mako been exposed to cats previously, but he considered himself an honorary feline.

If the cats were up on top of something, so was he.

It was a clip of Mako atop the fridge with a disgruntled Gizmo the cat looking on that shot him to viral fame.

It even earned him the nickname of "Fridge Pup."

Since then, Bethany and Samantha have continued to share all the ways Mako mimics his cat siblings. If you'd like to follow his antics, you can do so on Instagram @mako_thecatdog.

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