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'Lipstick' Succulents Make A Bold Statement With Their Color-Changing Tips

Are you a fan of succulents? I definitely am. I can't wait until I can have enough space in my house to start a succulent collection.

And when I do, I will surely add this cool plant with an interesting nickname. It's called 'Lipstick Echeveria' succulent and it looks pretty awesome if you asked me. Let's find out more about it.

Why is this succulent given the nickname "lipstick" echeveria?

It's because of the lime green leaves that have red edges. This makes the plant look like it's wearing lipstick, ha, ha! Get it? I think that's quite funny and it's a pretty one, too.

The red coloring is the result of sun exposure. The more sun they are exposed to, the more vibrant their colors will be.

This plant is also known as echeveria agavoides.

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Its species name comes from the fact that it has agave-like shaped leaves. They're also thick and look like triangles. Isn't it such a unique look? I'm starting to really like it.

As with any succulent, the best way to water it is to use the 'soak and dry' method.

This means that you should wait until the soil fully dries before you water it again. Succulents don't do well if you water them too much.

You should note that this plant isn't cold hardy.

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Once the temperature goes below 20° F you need to bring it indoors. Make sure it still gets plenty of sunlight whether it's natural or artificial. It does best in full to partial sun.

The good news is that it's a plant that's easy to propagate.

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There are a few different ways of doing it. You can do it from offsets, stem cuttings, or even leaves — although that last one is the hardest to accomplish.

Speaking of offsets, this plant can produce small ones.

They sprout up around the base of the plant. All you do is pull these up. Then you let them dry for a day or two before you replant them, and voilà!

You can also replant the cuttings.

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For this, you'll need a sharp sterile knife or a pair of scissors. Then you cut the stem away from the plant. You'll need to allow the cut to callous for a few days.

The final step is just to plant the cutting in well-draining soil.

"Lipstick" echeveria will display well in container gardens or rock gardens. You can look forward to red flowers that will bloom in the late spring and early summer.

Whoa, what a cool succulent indeed, huh?

I'm so fascinated by plants and the fact that there are so many different varieties. What I love about succulents is how easy they are to take care of. The "lipstick" echeveria is even pet-friendly.

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