17+ People Who Aren’t Too Thrilled About Their Current Situation

People love a good moan, don't they? No matter what it is about: work, family problems, or general everyday life, people just love to complain — and it can be very cathartic!

And, with this idea in mind, prepare yourself for these 17+ people who aren't too thrilled about their current situation.

"God don't got time for your whining!"

Reddit | TRobichaux

"Forgive me father for I have sinned."

"Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah, do some Hail Marys and don't do it again! Come on, speed it along,! The game is starting soon!"

"My brother was upset because his car's 'docking station' for his iPhone wasn't working and it was scratching his screen."

Reddit | thomaspayne25

Right, well this just made me feel really old. He's going to be in for a shock when he finds out that you have to wind those back as well. Better get a ballpoint pen ready.

"My bird got into every single laptop key..."

Reddit | Jktranz

It's somewhat ironic that the little guy is holding out the key with a dollar sign on it, when this is probably going to cost you quite a bit to get fixed.

"My daughter was very upset about misplacing her lost tooth. I told her to leave a note under her pillow for the tooth fairy explaining what happened."

Reddit | grapeormelon

I might end all of my emails with "Please don't be mean about it," regardless of what it is that I am emailing about. I feel that it will just appropriately convey my constant sense of desperation.

This Kid Was Not Too Thrilled About Being Born!

Reddit | mybrainisfull

You know what? Based on how this year has been going, same, kid! Something tells me that this kid will grow up to be as consistently grouchy as I am.

"When the perfume you bought your wife for Christmas ends up in the toilet as 'air freshener.'"

Reddit | baxterrocky

Wow, that's a real burn on not only the guy who bought it, but every other person who uses that perfume! This is taking "Eau de toilette" to new levels.

"Aw, shucks Dav!"

Reddit | gash_hash

There has been a massive increase in the number of letters stolen from people's names in recent years. They all end up on the black market being sold to people who want extra letters.

Always Be Careful While Cycling With Your Phone In Your Pockets!

Reddit | yesterdaddy

Not only have they managed to ruin their phone completely, but it looks like they may have done their bike a fair bit of damage as well! Woohoo!

No Need To Get Personal!

Reddit | yournotright

Jesus, what did rhinos do to this person to warrant this attack? Did their ex run off with one or something?

"This clay sculpture fell perfectly flat on its face, and looks pissed about it."

Reddit | Tefallio

Well, wouldn't you be? No one likes to fall on their face. It's horrifically embarrassing. I'd love to have seen how angry the person who made it was!

"Perks of having red hair!"

Reddit | jessesewell

And the prize for worst and most severe tan line I have seen this year so far goes to this unfortunate fella!

"My mom was overjoyed to learn about Pokémon Go from my nephew."

Reddit | SamwiseGamchi

There is nothing worse than a kid explaining something to you in detail which you have not a single care about. I know they're kids and we're meant to be supportive and all, but Christ alive, they can be boring.

"I might not have thought this through..."

Reddit | CTRexPope

Time to get a straw and start sucking that excess out. I mean, you could use a turkey baster and just get rid of some of the excess, but where is the fun in that?

A Modern Tragedy...

Reddit | LordFapFap

The one thing that I cannot stop thinking about when I look at this is what it smelled like in the immediate vicinity.

"Using a fake hawk on your roof to scare the seagulls but instead they become bffs."

Reddit | GallowBoob

Wow, it looks like that hawk might be sick of these seagulls by now though. They're just screaming in its ears as it stares off into the distance.

"I think my nephew is already pissing off his mother."

Reddit | skinned_knuckle

Nothing worse than a nightmare tenant. I bet they were blasting music and banging on the apartment walls at all hours.

"Not everyone is happy about my new label maker."

Reddit | camperjohn64

That cat looks unbearably furious. I wouldn't be surprised if its owners woke up to dead mice in their mouths after this!

This Guy's Brain MRI Looks Incredibly Like The Grinch!

Reddit | indiaisthebestalways

Does this mean that this person is inherently a big old misery? Maybe I have this, too. It would explain a lot.

Life Used To Be So Easy...

Reddit | Reddit

You could still fill the bag with Prosecco if you wanted! I mean, you wouldn't be able to find time to drink it, but you could still have it in there!

"One in a million shot lands an arrow through a fiber optic internet line. Oh, and it's pointing downwards."

Reddit | juliet_delta

Can you imagine having your internet go down suddenly all because someone shot an arrow through the line? That's some unbelievable misfortune!