Real Estate Site Specializes In Cheap Homes Ready For A DIY Makeover

Are you obsessed with HGTV shows? Long to do a renovation worthy of Instagram? Hoping against impossible hope to find a fixer upper of your very own?

Then boy, do I have the Instagram account for you. It's called @cheapoldhouses, and at 1.1 million followers, I'd say it's pretty popular with the fixer-upper crowd. Let's check it out.

So, Cheap Old Houses basically provides what it says it does.

It's an Instagram account dedicated to finding homes under $500,000 that can be renovated, flipped, or fixed up and lived in.

They strive to find the most beautiful houses to put on their Instagram.

And boy, do they deliver.

They recently found an old Swedish church (we're talking 1880s old) that has been zoned for residential or commercial purposes. Yup, you can actually live in a church!

The property also comes with a commercial property that is turn-key (aka move-in ready) next door!

They find some true historical gems.

Like this charming home sitting on an acre of land in Kentucky! It has two kitchens, multiple fireplaces, and a serious chance to update and customize a charming home.

Honestly? This house is kind of a babe.

This absolutely stunning home fell into slight disrepair when its former occupants became unable to care for it. It was built in 1895 and still has much of its original features!

Let's explore it a little.

Instagram | @cheapoldhouses

Look how tall those ceilings are! The windows are also incredibly large, and the rooms are also spacious. This is a fixer-upper for sure, but it looks like it would be so worth it.

That carpeting has got to go, though.

Instagram | @cheapoldhouses

It's probably a good idea to rip up that weirdly plush carpeting and restore the natural hardwood that I am sure is underneath it. Save those stairs!

This house has massive historical significance.

It was built in 1860 by cabinet maker and undertaker (now that's a combo) David H. White for Captain Charles Harris.

"There is also a hidden room off the dining room said to have been a stop for the Underground Railroad [...]" The listing said.

The account also provides updates on past featured properties!

This house in Wheeling, WV was saved thanks to @betsysweeny, who saw the house featured and had to have it! Now, she's documenting her journey to rehabilitating the house on her Instagram!

They're not limited to houses in the US, either!

If you hit up their website, you'll find a subscription area with tons of options for the aspiring homeowner.

US residents can choose from under $250k and under $100k homes, while those in Canada and Europe can find some under $150k!

For instance, check out this castle in Italy.

She's going to need a lot of work, which is probably why she's listed at roughly $352,564 USD. But hey! It's a castle in Tuscany — how many people can say they own one of those?

This farmhouse in Sweden is in need of a new owner!

Listed for well under $100k, this house is a great example of the European homes that the account features that aren't castles. Won't someone save this small, yet adorable farmhouse?