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Hospital Dresses Up Newborns In Adorable Outfits For 'Baby Shark' Week

Everyone knows that the best part about summer is clearly Shark Week. It has everything that anyone could ever want: sharks, summer, and intense music in the background. For those who love the ocean and ocean life, Shark Week is that one time where we can all agree on what to watch on the TV without fighting over the remote.

Recently, one hospital decided to use Shark Week as a way to make new parents smile.

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Saint Luke's North Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri wanted to come up with a way to bring a smile to new mother's faces this summer. They decided that Shark Week was the perfect opportunity!

Giving birth during a global pandemic can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for new moms.

Facebook | Saint Luke's Health System

The costumes were all made and put together by hospital staff and they even took the photos that are now going viral online. Some of the pictures even include the lyrics to the popular song, "Baby Shark."

Apparently, this isn't the first time St. Luke's has gotten in the Shark Week spirit with their newborns.

Facebook | Saint Luke's Health System

St. Luke's Health System is known for its creative and sweet ideas when it comes to dressing up the newborns in their delivery unit during all seasons. For Halloween, they've even dressed babies as pumpkins.

They even posted a video showing the babies preparing for their Shark Week looks.

St. Luke's has its own YouTube channel where they show videos of staff, babies, and all of their facilities. You can even watch them preparing these little ones for their Shark Week photoshoot.

These photos were seriously too cute for words and put a lot of smiles on people's faces. Happy Shark Week!

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