Have The Ultimate '90s Sleepover In The Last Blockbuster Thanks To Airbnb

Did you know Blockbuster still exists? If you're like me, then you thought the whole business was a goner back in 2013 when the company announced it would close its remaining 300 stores after they filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

However, one store in Bend, Oregon has quietly stayed open since then, and they're thanking their customers by turning it into an epic '90s stay.

If you loved Blockbuster so much you wish you could have stayed in it for the rest of your days and watch all the movies, now's your chance to do just that (sort of).


The last Blockbuster on the face of this earth is being turned into an Airbnb for three lucky guests.

The rooms are completely decked out with all your Blockbuster sleepover hopes and dreams.


There's a pull-out couch with a colorful '90s print, bean bags, and plenty of pillows to get comfy while you get your movie-watching on.

Guests will also be able to help themselves to all the snacks they want without their parents incessantly telling them "no."


According to PopSugar, it will cost a mere $4 to experience such magic.

So mark your calendars for August 17 at 1pm PT, because that's when three lucky guests have the chance to score a one-night stay with three of their pals between September 18 and 20.


If you're unable to snag a spot customers will still be able to peruse the living room space during store hours for a limited time after the last guests check out. Just a warning, it might make you really nostalgic.

Head to the Airbnb listing to bookmark it ASAP and snag your one-night stay!

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