10+ Facts About Marvel's Sebastian Stan Fans Didn't Know

You might recognize Sebastian Stan from films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The First Avenger, Civil War, Infinity War, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Destroyer or _ I, Tonya_.

But there is a lot more to him than just action-packed movies! He is an extremely interesting human being!

Here are some cool facts about him that you might not know!

1. He was born in Romania.

While he might be apart of the Captain America squad, Sebastian isn't actually American at all! He was born in Romania.

"I was there 'til I was eight," he told Jimmy Kimmel. "And then I moved to Vienna for four years — my mom was a pianist at the time."

"And then I came to New York when I was 12," he added.

"I was very lucky though, 'cause you know, I got exposed to a lot of different cultures and languages."

He is very proud of his heritage and loves to bring it up whenever he can!

2. He resisted social media at first, but eventually gave in.

Instagram | @imsebastianstan

"I was so against social media for such a long time, but now I can’t live without it," he told GQ.

"It’s part of the world that we’re in now, it really is. I understand the way that it fits into my business, in all of our businesses."

3. He thinks that social distancing is going to be the new normal, post-pandemic.

Instagram | @imsebastianstan

"We may still feel the effects of it well into the next couple years. It’s going to be a while before we get life back to “normal,” but will it ever really go back to normal? That’s the stuff that remains to be seen. I can definitely see a world where people are much more conscious about personal space, perhaps," he told the Hollywood Reporter.

4. He had to make a lot of changes to his physical appearance to play Bucky Barnes in the *Captain America* films.

Instagram | @imsebastianstan

"I was not wearing a wig; I grew my hair out and added extensions to it—I love that," he told GQ.

"This movie I just finished filming in L.A., I bleached my hair blond and it changed the way I was dressing and how people were reacting to me," he continued.

Instagram | @imsebastianstan

"And to me, you’ve got to be in shape 24/7, unless a role requires you to gain some weight."

5. Working with Quentin Tarantino is a dream of his.

Instagram | @imsebastianstan

When asked by Buzzfeed who is at the top of his career bucket list, he quickly said without hesitation: "Quentin Tarantino. Quentin Tarantino."

He also added that he'd like to work with David O. Russell and Martin Scorsese.

6. He jogs daily.

Instagram | @imsebastianstan

"I’ll go out for a run in the very early morning because I know nobody is around here in New York, and I was able to grab a couple of really cool stills of Times Square empty," he told the Hollywood Reporter.

7. He's a big Rick Springfield fan.

"I was personally very much more concerned about Rick Springfield, because I love him and "Jesse's Girl." So when they were rehearsing I was fixated on him, hoping that he would, like, break into song. Finally on the last day I think he did. So I was kinda taken aback by him," he said in an interview with Buzzfeed of being on the set of Ricki & The Flash.

8. He cried watching the children's movie, *Inside Out*.

Instagram | @imsebastianstan

"I might have teared up slightly at this Inside Out movie. I might have felt the salt of my own tears. Yeah, it was great, it was really, really great. I was amazed," he told Buzzfeed.

9. His favorite Disney movies when he was a kid were *Aladdin & The Little Mermaid*.

Instagram | @imsebastianstan

The man has taste!

"I liked Aladdin and Little Mermaid a lot. But Aladdin especially, I think I was really into because of the genie in that," he said.

10. His family is superstitious.

Instagram | @imsebastianstan

"My grandmother would have coffee — they would sit around and have coffee — and they would make it from scratch, and then drink it, and then wait for it to ferment, and then put a plate over it, flip it over, and read it like a map," he told Jimmy Kimmel.

11. Breakfast is his favorite meal of the day.

"I used to do these really good spicy avocado, sunny side up, sort of sandwich bites. I don't know how to describe those, but breakfast just sounds like the easiest thing to do," he told Buzzfeed when asked what his go-to meal is.

"Definitely, I can hang with the eggs."

12. He went to a famous theater camp when he was younger, called Stagedoor Manor.

Twitter | @ChrisEvans

"It was a magical, magical place. The time that I was there was a very particular time. First of all, there were no cell phones," he told GQ.

"The first thing they did when you get there is say you’re not allowed to contact your parents, you’re not allowed to contact your friends," he went on.


"There were no distractions. You were forced to embrace your environment. It breaks you out of your shell."