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Get Your Succulents Ready For Halloween With Cute Hanging Bat Planters

There are people who like Halloween decor, and then there are people who wish we lived in a giant Halloween world where every day was filled with spooky happenings.

If you fall into the latter category, these bat succulent planters are perfect to bring spooky vibes to your decor for years to come.

When bats are included in Halloween decor, they're not necessarily the cutest things on the block.

Etsy | TramaiCeramics

But these bat succulent hanging planters are a major exception.

Etsy seller Marina of Tramai Ceramics makes these adorable tiny planters by hand-forming Italian clay.

Etsy | TramaiCeramics

Marina also paints the planters by hand with a small paintbrush to capture every adorable detail.

The bats have wide-set eyes, a long grin with two fangs poking out at either end, tiny legs, wings, and pointy ears.

Etsy | TramaiCeramics

With three cords, the little bat really takes flight in your home.

The planters will fit any small succulent or arrangement of succulents and can even be customized with drainage holes for an optimal living experience.

This planter is a great gift for those who like spooky decor all year long, with a bit of a cute timeless twist.

Etsy | TramaiCeramics

The planters come in small, medium, and large sizes to suit your succulent needs, ranging from $50 to $70.

Order them here.

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