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The 'Raven' ZZ Plant Looks Like Something Jack Skellington Would Own

Usually when we think of houseplants, we picture orangey clay terracotta pots filled with a gradient of green hues. However, there are actually quite a few plants that like to live on the dark side.

The 'Raven' ZZ plant is one of them.

If you ever see this plant at a nursery or store, there's no way you won't do a double take.

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It's called a zamioculcas zamiifolia, but most plant lovers know it as the 'Raven' ZZ plant.

Like a raven, the plant is a shiny black color with tapering leaves that mimic the silhouette of the bird.

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They make a major statement in your home, that's for sure.

Native to Africa, these plants appreciate dry and humid environments, so they're perfect for people who famously underwater their plants.

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They also love low to medium light, so consider them the vampires of houseplants.

New leaves grow a vibrant green, but there's no need to be alarmed. They'll grow back into their usual goth self eventually.

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These plants are definitely Jack Skellington-approved!

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