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Chris Evans Shares His Thoughts On The Possibility Of Running For Office One Day

Celebrities getting into politics is definitely nothing new. Whether it's former actor Ronald Reagan becoming president, action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming a California governor, or even our current president gaining fame on reality television, we've seen a lot of celebrities turn to politics in their career.

Could Chris Evans be the next one? He's opened up about the possibility in a new interview.

Chris Evans is beloved as the actor behind Captain America (among other iconic roles), but he's recently expanded his reach into the world of politics.

Chris is one of the co-founders of the website A Starting Point, a bi-partisan website that aims to foster a connection between elected representatives and their constituents as well as create a more informed voter base.

In a new interview with Bill Maher, Chris explained whether the website was his starting point into the world of politics.

"It’s not that I’m interested in politics. It’s more I’m trying to help and politics to me seems like this weird broken machine that we’ve all kind of given up on.," Chris said.

YouTube | Real Time With Bill Maher

"But the truth is, if we give it a spitshine, this thing might actually work. And that starts with participation and engagement. Again, it’s become such a toxic landscape it breeds this exhaustion," Chris told Maher, adding that "people just can't be bothered."

Maher then asked Chris if he considered getting into politics himself and running for office someday.

YouTube | Real Time With Bill Maher

Chris' answer was just as practical as you'd expect: "I just don’t know enough. That’s another thing we’re scared to say. I just don’t know enough. I wouldn’t disservice or disrespect the position by thinking that I could handle it."

However, Chris did add that he had thought about it before.

"I’ve thought about somehow helping in that capacity but it would require a lot of homework," Chris said.

Would you vote for Chris if he was running for office, or do you think celebrities should stay out of politics? Let us know in the comments below!