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Oreo Is Releasing Java Chip Flavored Oreos That Will Pair Perfectly With A Cup Of Coffee

If there's one junk food we can always rely on to catch our attention, it's Oreo. The cookie brand is always coming out with new mouthwatering flavors to keep our bellies grumbling.

Many coffee fans have been waiting for a coffee-flavored Oreo, and our time is now.

According to food Instagrammer @candyhunting, Oreo is slated to release new Java Chip Oreos "very soon."

Instagram | @candyhunting

From the packaging, it looks like the flavor is supposed to mimic coffee chip ice cream.

The cookies have the classic chocolate shell with coffee-flavored creme sprinkled with tiny chocolate chip pieces.

Instagram | @candyhunting

If you're expecting these to come out in the next couple months, it may not be so fast.

According to People, this flavor won't be available until 2021.

Welp, 2021 is already looking up, and we'll raise a cup of coffee to that!

P.S. Yes, the new Oreos will totally be dunked in coffee.

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