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Mysterious 400-Foot 'Ice Ship' Discovered Off The Coast Of Antarctica

If you've ever been bored enough to peruse the world as seen through the satellite imaging of Google Earth, you've likely found yourself scrolling through long stretches of land before something caught your eye.

However, all that searching becomes worth it when you do find something that you're having a hard time identifying. When you have your eyes on a mystery from a distant land, it could enchant you with its fascinating form just as easily as it can stoke your morbid curiosity.

But even if we don't know what we're looking at, it tends to stay with us. And that probably explains how one YouTuber was able to get so many people to send him interesting coordinates.

During one of his videos in which he serves as an "Earth watchman," YouTuber MrMBB333 recorded a video in which he hunted for interesting sights in Antarctica on Google Earth.

YouTube | MrMBB333

This involved checking out coordinates that fans sent to him and trying to figure out what exactly the odd formations he encountered were.

One of these coordinates led him off the coast of the continent in a spot resting between Antarctica and New Zealand.

As he focused in on these coordinates, the uploader found himself staring at an aquatic scene that was covered with icebergs and ice sheets.

YouTube | MrMBB333

And even in this wide shot, you can likely make out an icy shape that looks like a ship turned on its side.

As far as he could tell, this was more likely to be an iceberg than an actual shipwreck.

YouTube | MrMBB333

Still, it's hard to deny that it's a staggering coincidence if we're looking at a natural formation and not a snow-covered ship.

By the same token, this would have to be an incredibly large ship if it isn't an iceberg.

YouTube | MrMBB333

Using a measuring tool that comes with Google Earth, MrMBB333 determined that this "ice ship" would have to be a little over 428 feet long.

For both MrMBB333 and the others who have come across this feature, it's hard to make a definite ruling on what it is.

YouTube | MrMBB333

Since the south pole can be a harsh environment, it's not so inconceivable that even a ship of this impressive size could succumb to it.

And it's also not impossible given what we know about ice formations down there that one could grow large enough to be mistaken for a giant yacht.

For a better view of the "ice ship," you can check out the full video and see it for yourself.

MrMBB333 also examines a mysterious cavern and the possible final resting place of a submarine before he addresses the ice ship.

Indeed, Antarctica remains full of mysteries.

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