15+ Times It Seemed Like The Universe Was In Perfect Alignment

The world can be an aggravating place sometimes. Pics and videos of fails, mess-ups, unfortunate incidents and general cringe comprise some of the most popular content online.

But let's take a step away from that, if only for a few moments. Sometimes things just line up perfectly and I think that's worth celebrating.

PB perfection.

Reddit | Kechavis

Peanut butter pretty much always looks photogenic but I think this spoonful of PB is the most photogenic I've ever seen. I'm glad that someone photographed this perfection for posterity.

How it should be.

Reddit | FBI_Wiretap_Van

Look at this massive box of color-sorted gummy bears. Just look at it. This is how I want my candy to be: plentiful, colorful and obsessively sorted.

Swipe success.

Reddit | ColfaxDayWalker

This guy was standing in line, swiping away on a Tinder, when he looked up to see the very girl he was about to swipe on. Let's hope they live happily ever after.


Reddit | Mishlis

The angle of this pic, taken on a chilly, foggy autumn night, really makes things stand out. The tree is perfectly centered on the streetlight, causing its light to split into separate bands.

All the colors of the rainbow.

Reddit | ImpossibleRedditBoi

The next time you wash your car, do it at sunset. Then take a picture of the windshield. If you do it just right, you'll have the perfect new wallpaper for your phone.

Eiffel Tower power.

Reddit | HMD_086

The person who snapped this photo can either summon lightning at will or just demonstrated perfect shutter precision with this pic. I don't think I've ever seen a lightning strike look so dramatic.

Rubber meets rubber.

Reddit | DoorSmasherSC

It seems like this rubber band and the rubber sole of this shoe were destined to be together. I can't think of any other way to explain this perfect fit.

A perfect match.

Reddit | admiralwan

If you've ever doubted that every living thing is distantly related to everything else, just look at the way the veins on this leaf match the creases in a person's hand.

Pinpoint timing.

Reddit | t20i9m13

I don't know why someone was photographing someone photographing a random presentation, but look closely at his viewfinder: while the '1|3' symbol is up on the big screen, his phone hasn't registered the change yet.

Accuracy is on point.

Reddit | SavedStarDate_68415

They say that even a broken clock is right twice a day but this broken sign is right all day long.

It's a very happy accident that the letters that aren't burnt out can still convey the store's name.

Thanks, toothbrush.

Reddit | ChadFlenderman

This mirror wanted to make a break for it but after it fell off the wall, it was saved by a humble toothbrush on the bathroom counter. Who knew toothbrushes were so versatile?

*Chef's kiss*.

Reddit | pythagoreal

There's something about this pic that's almost too perfect. The double rainbows are the centerpiece but don't sleep on those beautiful rays of light emanating from the middle.


Reddit | Devge

These guys must have been really feeling it when they both flashed the peace sign for this photo because the flames in the background decided to get in on the action.

Gotta respect skill.

Reddit | CALAZ1986

I think my favorite thing about this little story is the fact that the power company expresses nothing but admiration, despite the fact that this just makes more work for them.

Why you gotta be different?

Reddit | sanketkhajuria

This tomato stands out from the crowd by growing entirely within this ornate fence post, giving it a weird, swirly shape. I wonder what happens when it grows too big.


Reddit | wonderflex

I'm not one of those people who giggles every time they see the number 69 (at least, I'm not anymore).

But you don't need to be one of those people to appreciate the fact that the score is 69-69, with 69 seconds left.


Reddit | ian1865

This yellow warbler performed an exquisite photobomb here. It's great because the photographer still gets a great iguana pic along with the unplanned bonus of seeing a bird flying fast AF.

Finally found it.

Reddit | WhosaWhatsa

These back country campers didn't set out on a pilgrimage to the specific mountain range featured on their food packaging. It just worked out that way.

Looks familiar.

Reddit | DalbergTheKing

This woodturner (person who uses a lathe to make stuff out of wood) just realized that the bowl he picked up in a vintage store is the exact same bowl that's shown in his old crafting book.

Too much of a coincidence.

Reddit | light5577

I'm not sure of the odds of seeing two codes of four digits/numbers aligning, but they must be pretty slim. In this case, a McDonald's coupon code matched this license plate number.

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