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A 'Brain Cactus' Is A Smart Choice To Complete Your Planter

Did you need more reason to hoard plants? Well we're back with our latest unofficial instalment of "Yes, As A Matter Of Fact, You Do Need This Plant...And Other Ways To Annoy Your Partner."

Today we're here to pick the internet's brains and explore the wonderful world of the "Brain Cactus."

Nature is amazing, isn't it?

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This fuzzy swirly thing is called a "Brain Cactus," or mammillaria elongata ‘cristata’.

Fun fact: the cactus' shape is because of damage to the center growth of a cactus, AKA the apical meristem.

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When that happens, the cactus starts to grow in a "wormlike" shape.

How cool is that?

The cactus looks awesome in skull planters or head planters.

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It definitely completes the whole vibe of these planters.

Like most cacti and succulents, they don't require a lot of water and just need some well-draining cactus soil for optimal survival.

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Will you be adding this plant to your collection? Let us know!

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