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People Are Disneyfying Their Dogs With Snapchat's 'Cartoon Face' Filter

It was when Snapchat first launched and became the hot new social media network that I realized I was officially "too old" to keep up on the latest internet trends.

For a while, I tried to convince myself that I would eventually "get it," but I finally came to terms with the fact that Snapchat and anything that came after it would be more for the generation after me.

It wasn't until today that I reinstalled Snapchat on my phone and it was for a very specific reason: turning my dogs into Disney animals.

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You see, a thread on the Facebook group Dogspotting Society revealed that a Snapchat filter called Cartoon Face was discovered to work pretty darn well on some dogs.

The big eyes and expressive brows turned many pooches into characters that would fit nicely in the cast of *Lady and the Tramp*.

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I mean, look at this!

Somehow this dog looks more like Lady than the one in the live action remake.

Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have dogs with filter-friendly faces.

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Judging by the pics being shared online, it works best with lighter-colored dogs where the facial features are more clearly defined.

I was very sad to learn that neither of my pooches are Disney-able, but I may try again in a month after their next haircuts.

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For now, I simply have to live vicariously through the hilarious photos being shared by other dog owners.

To try it, look for the Cartoon Face lens in the Snapchat app, and if it works for your dog, be sure to share the hilarity with us in the comments!