10+ Helpful Products That Solve Common Mask Issues

Okay, before we start, let me just say this: Make sure you know your area's mask mandate for proper mask-wearing! I only say this because I actually hadn't read mine, and it turned out I was doing it all wrong.

Since I was doing things wrong, let's learn how to do things right, shall we? And let's get us some stuff to make things easier along the way. LET'S DO THIS.

Ear-savers are super popular right now..

Etsy | ForeverBasicCo

The pain from mask straps is real, y'all. Whether it's rubbing against your ear, pulling your ear, or just is plain annoying, those straps can get tiring. Pick up an ear saver to give your poor ears a break!

Get this Mickey one on Etsy.

Or try out a silicone one!

Etsy | Hivata

Etsy truly is the place to BE for little mask hacks. This silicone one is easy on the hair and has multiple notches to accommodate different head sizes.

Get a five-pack on Etsy.

Stop your mask from fogging up your glasses: Part 1.

Etsy | Curlytops1

Us glasses wearers know this pain all too well. There are lots of solutions for us out there, however! The first: a mask that has an adjustable noseband that you can bend to stop air from coming upward.

Get one on Etsy.

Stop your mask from fogging up your glasses: Part 2.


Next option: Fog spray. If you don't have an anti-reflective coating on your lenses, fog spray might be the perfect solution for you. If you do have AR coating, it's possible the fog spray won't work at all.

Get some on Amazon.

Stop your mask from fogging up your glasses: Part 3.

If this is an option, do what I do: stick your glasses over the fabric of your mask on your nose. Moving your glasses just a little farther down will seriously cut down on the mask fog #MaskHack.

Time to deal with mask acne.


The zits on my chin say, "Hey."

If you're a frequent mask-wearer, odds are you've developed a pimple or five. Pick up some acne patches to cover those irritating bumps and give them a chance to heal.

Get a pack on Amazon. I know I am.

This hooded face shield is the epitome of apocalyptic chic.

Etsy | gizda

We're in the darkest timeline, may as well lean into the whole apocalypse vibes going on right now.

The shield is removable, you'll look awesome wearing it, and you won't get mask acne. I mean, hello? This is my dream product.

Get it on Etsy but be sure to check with your local guidelines as some still require a mask to be worn with face shields.

Some frickin' chapstick.


Things happen to your lips in those masks! Get some chapstick and keep them moisturized after you take your mask off (unless you put it on while you have your mask on, but then your mask will just stick to your lips).

Get some on Amazon.

A bamboo-layered mask will help keep you cool.

Etsy | FameMerch

This multi-layered mask features a mesh layer of bamboo, which has cooling properties. Add in the 100% cotton shell, and you've got a mask that won't give you mask acne and will keep you cool!

Get it on Etsy.

A UV wand to sanitize your mask.

The Grommet

This wireless wand is the perfect thing to keep with you to quickly sterilize surfaces, from your phone to your mask. We're living in a weird world, so we need weird solutions!

Get the wand at The Grommet.

A mask pocket for quick mask storage.

Etsy | X88lifestyle

This is a great little tool to store spare masks, or to tuck a used one away for future cleaning. It's made of beeswax and is good for the environment!

Get one on Etsy.

A breath strip.


We all know that breathing in a mask results in bad breath. It's just a fact. Get you some breath strips, Tic Tacs, or what have you. Your family will thank you.

Get some on Amazon. Sorry I said your breath was bad.

A mask with a clear window is great for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Etsy | LipReadingMasks

Many people rely on lip reading to understand others, which is impossible to do behind a mask. These masks come with a clear shield in front, as well as free anti-fog solution! Perfect for businesses with deaf or hard of hearing clients.

Get it on Etsy.

This front-entry hook is great for keeping your masks in easy reach.

Etsy | GCcustomcharacter

I use our key rack for this, and it's super handy. Hang a fresh, clean one there for you to grab when you go out, and throw the used one in the wash to re-hang later!

Get this shelf specifically designed for masks on Etsy.

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