9+ Practical Kitchen Products That Don't Skimp On Style

Kitchen products are essential but do they have to look so, uh, essential? I mean, why can't we have kitchen tools that are practical AND look great? Well, this list is here to show you that you can absolutely have both (which is just what you deserve). Check out these kitchen products that look stylish and serve some very important purposes.

This whole cookware set is purple.


Guys. Purple cookware. Get into it. This set is by Rachael Ray, and unlike other cookware done in unique colors, it can actually withstand high heat. It comes in purple, red, blue, light green, brown, orange, and gray!

Get the set on Amazon.

These knives are boldly going where no knives have gone before.


Because they're covered in frickin' galaxies. And the best part? Reviewers absolutely love them. They're high quality and cut like a dream. Some have even put them in the dishwasher with no problems!

Get a set on Amazon.

And hey, while you're at it...


Why not store them in an acrylic knife block? No use hiding blades that cool. Plus, the bottom pops off for easy cleaning! It comes in black, red, and a circular shape.

Get one on Amazon.

This mint air fryer would look amazing on your counter.


I would know, because I have the bigger version, and it looks cute as heck on _my_counter. Appliances just don't have to be ugly anymore, you know?

Pick this cutie up on Amazon.

A monstera leaf trivet.


You: Need somewhere to put a hot dish.

I: Have found you this silicone monstera leaf trivet.

How cute is that? Skip the cork ones and go straight for something a million times cuter!

Get it on Amazon.

Oh, this toaster oven? It's pink.


I would prefer everything in my life be pink, but I totally understand if that's not your thing. Luckily, this toaster oven also comes in aqua, red, and yellow!

Get it on Amazon.

I am dying to buy this juicer.

DOIY Design

Do I juice that much? No. Have I ever juiced anything in my life? Also no. Do I want this juicer anyway? Uh, yeah. It's a frickin' cactus!

Get it at DOIY Design.

Let's just go for it: a stand mixer with style.


KitchenAid stand mixers come in a huge array of colors now, including some gorgeous pastels (which is the accidental theme of this article, oops). This one comes in a stunning mint!

Let's customize that mixer, shall we?


Did you know KitchenAid makes other mixing bowl attachments for their stand mixers? This mermaid-patterned ceramic one is definitely one I've had my eye on for a while. Get it from KitchenAid.

This agate-looking spatula is so sleek.


How cool is that? This spatula is literally heavy duty — it actually has a heavy metal handle, which is perfect for serious cooks.

Get it at Target.

These gold pans have me seriously doing heart eye emojis.


Reviewers love that these are as non-stick as they claim — after multiple uses, the pans still look like new. Plus, they're gold. What else could you want?

Get them at Target.

This stunning spoon rest will solve a common problem...

Etsy | andersenpottery

...aka the problem where you have nowhere to put your spoon, spatula, or tongs while cooking. You can pick up a gorgeous, handmade spoon rest from andersenpottery on Etsy!

Some pastel mixing bowls will up your baking game.


Why? Because it'll look better, duh. These cute mixing bowls come in a set of five, and are available in this gorgeous blue, a mint green, and "aqua sky," aka sky blue.

Get a set on Amazon.

This incredible piece of art is the perfect charcuterie board.

Etsy | KarmabySetsArt

I can't tell you how amazing I find resin charcuterie boards — they truly combine art with practicality! This one is made of food-safe resin and acacia wood. Get it from KarmabySetsArt on Etsy.

Need a can opener?


Then get one in aqua, of course! This pastel dream will match the aqua of every KitchenAid product of the same color, which is what I'd call #KitchenGoals.

Get it on Amazon.

Get a whole set of rose gold kitchen tools!


Upside: You get the nicest set of kitchen materials I've ever seen. Downside: They're hand-wash only.

That's fine for some, which is why I'm listing them! Get your set on Amazon.

These beautiful olive oil dispensers are handmade.

Etsy | Poteriebonmatin

They're made of porcelain and come from Quebec, Canada! Each one is handmade. I'm a sucker for that pink.

You can get one from Poteriebonmatin on Etsy for $46.99.

A marble (looking) cutting board is a must.


Goodbye, ugly cutting boards. Hello, marble-patterned cutting board! This cutting board comes in a set with a black speckled one, which is ALSO cute. Two for one deal!

Get them on Amazon.

These custom measuring cups are as stunning as they are practical.

Etsy | EverDreamCraft

Made with rose gold stainless steel and black walnut wood handles, these measuring cups can be customized based on your kitchen needs! Get them from EverDreamCraft on Etsy.

Some pastel baking utensils wouldn't be a bad idea.


How stunning are these? The silicone tips make them heat-resistant and easy to clean, and the wood handles are stylish as hell. Get the whole set on Amazon.

These cheese knives are drool-worthy.


Each set of cheese knives is hand-crafted with hand-forged stainless steel. They are dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended to keep the gold looking great. Get them at Anthropologie.

These magnetic spoons that are basically magic.


How many of you have a drawer filled with clutter and various spoons and ladles that you can never find when you actually need them? C'mon, don't be shy. I am as guilty of this as anyone. Thankfully, someone designed these magnetic spoons that store easily on your counter and will blow everyone's minds when they see how they work.

This dish rack ISN'T silver.


And thus is superior. It comes in both rose gold and gold, is made of food-grade aluminum, and comes with a mat to catch all that water!

Get yours on Amazon.