New 'Dirty Dancing' Movie With Jennifer Grey Officially In The Works

Good news for fans of the MOST ICONIC '80S MOVIES, DIRTY DANCING Jennifer Grey is back, baby, and so is the film!

I know, right? It's a lot to process! But apparently, Lionsgate has confirmed a new Dirty Dancing film is in the works and will feature former leading lady, Jennifer Grey!

Do I think Jennifer could just revive her role as Baby? Yes. But I'm not the decision maker here!

*Dirty Dancing* is a cult classic film. Who doesn't love rewatching this film and crying with their mom? No? Just me? Cool.

Well now it looks like there will be a new film to have on repeat when that man you met on doesn't text you back!

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer has teased the collab with Jennifer since last month, but didn't confirm if it was for a *Dirty Dancing* reboot or not.


However on Thursday, the news was REVEALED!

“And to reveal one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood, we’re pleased to confirm that Jennifer Grey will both executive produce and star in a new Dirty Dancing movie for Lionsgate from Warm Bodies director Jonathan Levine,” Jon said.

He continued: "It will be exactly the kind of romantic, nostalgic movie that the franchise’s fans have been waiting for and that have made it the biggest-selling library title in the Company’s history.”


Needless to say, we will miss Patrick Swayze!

Are you excited for the news? Let us know in the comments below!

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