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You Can Get Cheeky Wine Glasses That Are Perfect For 'Hocus Pocus' Wine Nights

Some may call fall spooky or cozy season, but I much prefer Hocus Pocus season. That is how iconic the film is and yes, a wine night with your pals is necessary when watching as an adult. There's even a drinking game based on the endless amounts of iconic quotes from the movie, so Hocus Pocus wine nights are very much a real thing.

When enjoying a Hocus Pocus wine night, whether solo or with fellow witches, you need to have all the right accessories.

If you looking to sip some vino while you watch *Hocus Pocus,* you need all the appropriate goodies to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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You'll need some themed wine glasses, of course! So here are some ideas.

This glass from Etsy seller CheersByJessica features the iconic, "Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!" quote from the film.

This wine glass from Etsy seller The Burlap Wine Sack could not be more appropriate for the occasion.

Etsy | TheBurlapWineSack

The 15-ounce stemless wine glass reads, "Shhh! I'm watching Hocus Pocus."

And it's very important fellow mortals follow as not to get a nasty spell cast on them!

The font can be customized with an array of solid colors or glitter to suit your style.

Etsy | TheBurlapWineSack

Or get a few and mix and match so your pals also get a glass when they come to watch it with you.

Each glass is $20, and if you order now, you'll get it just in time for Hocus Pocus season.

If you're looking for a wine glass that actually depicts the Sanderson Sisters, Spirit Halloween is here to hook it up for you.

Spirit Halloween

In their glass, your wine becomes your "life potion," which is honestly facts.

Looks like *Hocus Pocus* wine night is set!

Now, time to cast a spell on your friends so they watch it every day with you.

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