7+ Houseplants That Thrive When They Are Left Alone

So, you don't have a green thumb. In fact, you might have thumbs that have killed plants before, and will kill again if you're not careful.

Hey, same! Not to worry, though. There are houseplants out there that WANT you to leave them alone. They thrive on being ignored most of the time.

Snake plant.

Unsplash | Jake Goossen

I bought a snake plant at Ikea, drove home to see my family for a week, came back, and it was perfectly fine. Why? Because snake plants are chillers, and only require watering about once a month.


I also picked up one of these from Ikea, and she also was happy that I left her alone! Bromeliads are happiest with a gentle misting from time to time.


Unsplash | Orlova Maria

Good news: the plants that literally everyone has on Instagram are very easy to take care of. They require minimal watering, but each one is slightly different. Look up watering patterns for your succulent after you buy it!

Fiddle leaf fig.

Unsplash | Joash Castro

Who doesn't have a fiddle leaf fig these days? If the answer is you, then get into it! They like more water in the summer and less in winter, and don't love direct sunlight.

Jade plant.

The key to keeping a jade plant alive is just to make sure it doesn't dry out! Keep it watered and it'll thrive with its cute, chubby little leaves. You can also keep it in full sun!

Aloe vera.

Unsplash | Jen

These spiky chillers don't need much to thrive. Keep them out of direct light and give them a good water every week or two, and they'll continue to vibe right along with you.

Asparagus fern.

Ferns are great for people who can't seem to keep a plant alive, since all they need is watering when their soil feels dry! This one is particularly cool looking since it's fluffy. I dig it.

Guiana Chestnut, AKA a money tree.

Unfortunately, this plant doesn't actually grow money. I know, I'm bummed, too. But it will make your house look amazing! It likes damp soil, so feel free to keep it super hydrated.


Unsplash | Anca Gabriela Zosin

You know what a yucca loves? Sun. A lot of sun. Stick it right in direct light and just let it do its yucca thing. Just remember to water it from time to time!

Spider plant.

Unsplash | Lucian Alexe

I hate that name, btw. But I do love a good spider plant since they nicely fill a space and don't take much work to keep alive! Water it once a week and let it hang near the sun.

Peace Lily.

Unsplash | Max Williams

A peace lily is 100% my next plant purchase. They're absolutely stunning, make beautiful flowers, and aren't fussy about being seriously over-watered! No, really. They LOVE water.

Cast iron plant.

A cast iron plant is like a snake plant: it is gonna be there for you, whether or not you're there for it. Bad light? That's fine. Bad at watering it consistently? No problem. It's chill.

Air plants.

Instagram | @tillatillalla

Air plants are perfect for the person who has no concept of caring for plants, but would like to actually have one. They don't require soil! Just mist them once a week.

Chinese Evergreen.

This is the perfect plant for the nervous plant owner who is prone to over-watering. The evergreen can handle a lot of water! It also comes in a bunch of different types to suit your aesthetic needs (like pink!).