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You Can Order A Strawberry Daiquiri Frappuccino From Starbucks, And It Just Needs Rum

Just because our feeds are flooded with all the new Halloween goodies doesn't mean summer is over. We still have over a month left if you can believe it, which means we need to slow down and really cherish the best part of summer: frozen drinks.

And if anyone knows how to whip up a mean frozen drink, it's Starbucks. So if you're nice to your barista, they may just whip up a secret menu Strawberry Daiquiri Frappuccino for you.

The Starucks "secret menu" isn't an actual menu, but rather a collective of creative recipes by baristas and Starbucks fans, like Totally the Bomb.

Totally the Bomb

Holly from Totally the Bomb seems to know the menu like the back of her hand and whipped up a refreshing daiquiri-inspired Frapp.

Holly walks us through the recipe on her TikTok.

Totally the Bomb

She says to order a grande Mango Dragonfruit Refresher with no water or inclusions, add peach juice and strawberry inclusions, ask for it double blended, ask for strawberry puree on the bottom, and whip and strawberry inclusions on top.

Doesn't this look like something you'd order at a resort?

Totally the Bomb

Now, you'll have to give your barista all the details because this isn't a menu item, so just be prepared with Holly's recipe and you're good to go.

The only thing this drink is missing is some rum, but I'm sure you can get that part covered no problem.

Will you be giving this Frapp a try? Let us know!