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Video Shows Survivor Being Carried Out Of Rubble To Safety By Rescuers In Beirut

Scenes of a massive explosion ripping apart a jewel of the Mediterranean shocked and horrified the world Tuesday as a suspected 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate detonated in Beirut's port area. Seldom has anyone witnessed a non-nuclear blast of such power anywhere, let alone in a densely populated area, raising fears of widespread casualties.

At latest count, the explosion claimed the lives of at least 125 people and injured another 5,000, according to USA Today, which cited Lebanon's Health Minister, Hamad Hassan.

The sun rose the next day to a city in tatters.

Hospitals still able to function were forced to turn people away due to overcrowding, but three had to be closed and two only partially opened due to damage from the blast, according to the BBC.

Cars, glass, rubble, and debris littered the streets, and at least 300,000 people were left homeless, the BBC reported.

Officials have cause to worry about more than just the immediate casualties, too.

Lebanon relies on imports through the now-demolished port for much of its food, and the silos next to the warehouse that stored the ammonium nitrate housed nearly 85% of the country's grain, CBS News reported, raising fears of food insecurity as well.

Offers of foreign aid have poured in, however, with France sending teams of rescuers and medics, including a mobile clinic that can treat up to 500 people. The EU and Russia have both pledged to send rescue teams as well, the BBC reported.

While the scale of the devastation from the blast is still being assessed, the search for survivors is well underway, and there has been cause to celebrate.

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In one video making the rounds on social media, rescuers can be seen carrying a man to safety.

The man, identified as Issam, reportedly spent more than 10 hours trapped underneath rubble before rescuers were able to pull him to safety.

Although he's covered in dust and on a stretcher, Issam appears to be alert and mobile.

Onlookers can be heard clapping and cheering for the rescuers as they carry Issam up a flight of stairs.

The video of his rescue has racked up more than 100,000 views and 4,400 likes so far, a slice of welcome news in an otherwise dark time.

h/t: USA Today, BBC