You Can Get 'Golden Girls' Wine Glasses Designed With Iconic Quotes From The Fab Four

If there's any group of gal pals groups of friends aspire to be like, it's the fab four from Golden Girls. If you think about it, there isn't one character people would hate to be compared to.

So when you gather your three besties for wine night, these Golden Girls-inspired wine glasses are absolutely necessary to tie the whole experience together.

When you gather your golden gal pals, these *Golden Girls*-inspired wine glasses are a must-have for the occasion.


The set comes with a wine glass for each member of the fab four: Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose.

Along with a cute graphic of each character's face is an iconic quote they're known for from the show.


It's seriously hard to choose which one you want to call your own for the evening.

Each glass can fit 15-ounces of whatever drink you'd like, because let's be honest, we'd totally still drink water out of these cutie glasses!


You can get the set of four off Amazon for $30.

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