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Home Depot Is Selling A Giant Dragon Lawn Ornament That Blows Fog And Has Glowing Red Eyes

If you're a proud Halloween maximalist, then you're in luck. Home Depot is killing it so far when it comes to getting your lawn ready for spooky season, and just when we thought it couldn't get any more extra, we were wrong.

They just added a giant fog-breathing dragon to their massive Halloween roster for more eerie fun.

Want to turn your home into a Targaryen palace this Halloween? Look no further than Home Depot.

Home Depot

They're selling a giant 5-foot dragon that definitely gets Daenerys' approval.

The stone grey dragon has glowing red LED eyes and is actually animated, so its mouth is able to move and really make it feel real.

Home Depot

Its also made to fit a fog machine so that it can set the eerie Halloween mood.

What's more, the lawn ornament also makes dragon noises, which is sure to keep unwanted visitors away.

Home Depot

When Halloween is over, just bring it inside to your lair to keep the fun going.

If you need this in your life, you can get it from Home Depot for $400.

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