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10+ Facts About 'Gilmore Girls' Star Milo Ventimiglia Fans Didn't Know

Gilmore Girls, Heroes, and This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia is many things: an actor, a motorcycle enthusiast, a world traveler, and obviously, a heartthrob.

But there is way more to him than meets the eye! Here are the most fascinating facts that we could dig up about our favorite The Art of Racing in the Rain star.

Milo Ventimiglia rose to fame back when he played a young bad boy on *Gilmore Girls*. He instantly stole hearts everywhere.

After that, he found Heroes and This is Us (among other roles), shows that truly helped push him to the height of fame.

And although fans really love the star, they definitely don't know everything about him.

But thankfully, we are here to help fix that!

We compiled a great list of things to know about the actor! You'll be astounded the whole way through!

1. If he weren't an actor, he thinks he may have been in the military.

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

When asked in a Reddit AMA what career path he would have chosen if not acting, he said:

"Doctor and military life were my other choices. Acting ultimately won out."

2. He's also a photographer.

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

If you take one glimpse at Milo's Instagram profile, you'll see that acting is not the only art form he dabbles in. In his spare time, he travels and takes amazing photos!

They are really something.

3. He starred in one of Fergie's music videos.

YouTube | Fergie

Hey, remember the absolute banger that was Fergie's 2006 hit, "Big Girls Don't Cry"?

Milo starred as her boyfriend in the music video and the chemistry was steamy as hell. He's one of many actors who have starred in a music video.

4. Scott Patterson was his favorite person to work with on the set of *Gilmore Girls*.

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

When asked in a Reddit AMA who his favorite Gilmore Girls colleague was, he replied:

"Such a great experience. Scott Patterson and i had the most fun. just the dynamic of Luke/ much for both of us to travel with our characters together."

5. He's very punctual.

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

"I’m an early person. If I have to go somewhere in town, I’ll usually get there early and wait in my car or on my motorcycle. I’d much rather get somewhere and relax than have to rush to get somewhere," he said in an interview with Coveteur.

6. He hits snooze twice in the morning.

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

"What I do is, I set two alarms. My first alarm is just alerting me that the second one is coming two minutes later, and then that two-minute-later alarm gives me a 10-minute snooze that maybe I’ll hit once."

"But after that, I’m up and at ’em, and I turn it off."

"Luckily, I sometimes wake up even before my alarm. There’s an internal clock that’s just always going," he said.

Relatable, am I right people? We all love to sleep.

7. He cries sometimes when reading emotional scripts.

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

When asked if the script of This Is Us ever pulled at his heartstrings enough to make him weepy, he said:

“I still do. I don’t count, I just accept that it happens.”

8. He gets dressed as soon as he wakes up in the morning.

YouTube | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

"I’m up and at ’em—get some food, shower, get dressed, get out of the house. Even coming home at night, I don’t like taking my boots off until I’m ready to crawl into bed. I don’t know if that’s a level of preparedness or what. Usually I’m always like, ready to go," he said.

9. He thinks that he has become more compassionate with age.

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

"I understand more about the world and hopefully can be more compassionate and kinder and listen more," he said.

"But also, because of that, I know who I am and what I can offer, just as a man, as a human being."

"I have gotten more emotional the older that I’ve gotten, which is interesting."

"Not like, commercials make me cry, but at the same time, I feel like I have a lot more compassion for humanity.”

Raise your hand if you cry for commercials!

10. He answers calls from numbers he doesn't recognize, solely out of curiosity.

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

“I have picked up numbers that I don’t recognize, not as myself but as someone else entirely. I just see what they say. If someone’s asking for me, I’ll be like, ‘I’m sorry, you might have the wrong number—who’s this?’ Or I’ll make up something," he said.

11. He doesn't drink.

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

Unlike his This Is Us character, who was an alcoholic, Milo doesn't drink at all IRL.

“My parents didn’t drink, and it was never anything I was raised around, so it just, it never factored into my life," he told the Los Angeles Times.

12. He is a slow texter.

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

“I’m horrible nowadays," he said when asked what kind of texter he is.

"I feel like sometimes, people use texting as a means to forget about conversation—real conversation, human contact." He definitely has a point!

"I feel like texting should be information-based, as opposed to ‘Hey, so how are you? How’s it going?’ Or ‘Hey, I saw this post on social media, so I want to comment.'"

"It’s like, pick the phone up and be a human being.”

13. He has had trouble making people see that he is different from his *This Is Us* character, Jack Pearson.

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

“I can’t take Jack’s face off. I wear it every day," he told Good Housekeeping.

"Even though I, Milo, was here before Jack, I can’t take off the association. So when people out on the streets see me, first they see Jack and then I have to patiently let them know that, no, hey, I’m Milo.”

14. There's one thing that upsets him about *This is Us*.

YouTube | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

He wishes Jack Pearson had a better relationship with his brother on the show.

"There have been very few things that Jack has done that I haven’t agreed with, but not talking to his brother was definitely one that upset me,” he told Variety.

15. He had small appearances in 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,' 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch,' and 'She's All That.'

Instagram | @miloanthonyventimiglia

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air may have technically been his big break, but it wasn't the first time we saw him — we just didn't know it yet!

He had very small, not-so-significant roles in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and She's All That as well.

16. His iconic crooked smile is the result of a birth defect!

He was born with dead nerves in his mouth!

“They’d be like: ‘Could you stop doing that thing with your mouth where your lip is going down?’” he explained, “And I’d be like: ‘Hey, I was born that way.’ … I mean, look, I can’t get away from it now. It’s who I am, you know? I’ve got a crooked mouth.”

17. He dated his *Gilmore Girls* co-star Alexis Bledel for four years.

Warner Bros.

They started dating back in 2002, and they even almost got married before their famous split in 2006.

Fans everywhere were heartbroken to hear the news. They were really rooting for them to make it.

18. He has been a vegetarian his entire life.

His mother was actually a vegetarian even when she was pregnant, and made sure to raise her children with the same diet as hers.

This is definitely something a lot of people might disagree with, but it worked out okay for him!

19. He has the same TV show preferences as everyone else.

When asked in a Reddit forum what his favorite shows were, he responded:

"breaking bad, sons of anarchy, spartacus. and right now really liking House of Cards." People commented that they'd love to see him on SOA.

20. His very first agent actually wanted him to change his name.

To something that sounded a lot less cool, might I add.

They wanted him to change his name to "Milo Vent". Yeah, really does not sound that cool, does it?

21. His sisters used to dress him up as Madonna.

All things considered, there are worse things that a sibling can do to you.

Plus, at least Madonna had impeccable style and grace, so of all the people to get dressed up as, it's a pretty good pick.

22. He had a web series that helped settle pop culture debates.

The WB

"My whole life has been spent engaged with friends in intellectual debate ... like whether Captain Kirk is tougher than Spock or if Middle Earth is a more difficult place to live than Tatooine," he said.

"With *Ultradome,* we can bring these debates to the public and settle them in the most logical way possible: through armed combat."

However, the show was more for laughs and fun debate rather than being serious.

23. He also had another web series with a famous clothing brand. That brand? American Eagle.

The series was called It's a Mall World, and the series followed the crazy adventures of an American Eagle sales associate and her friends, Milo being one of them.

24. If he could have a superpower, it would be "the power of persuasion."

"Think about it: You could walk into a foreign country and start a war - if you're so evil. If you're peaceful, you could walk into a foreign country and end a war just by talking to someone. It's kind of like Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi-type thing," he said.

Do you know any more interesting facts about Milo Ventimiglia?

Or were you pleasantly surprised by all the facts presented to you in this article?

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