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'Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry Drank A Placenta Smoothie After The Birth Of Her Child

Every mom and every birth story is totally different, and no one way to give birth or have children is the right way or the wrong way. People's individual choices, however, can sometimes stir up a lot of controversy and conversation, especially when it involves something like eating or drinking placenta, which some say is very healthy and others think is a little gross.

Kailyn Lowry is best known for starring on MTV's *Teen Mom* show.

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Kailyn is a mother of four children (Isaac, 10, Lincoln, 6, Lux, 2, and a newborn who has yet to be named) and is frequently updating her 3.8 million Instagram followers about her life and her motherhood choices, even the more controversial.

Kailyn recently shared a picture that sparked a lot of conversation.

Instagram | @kaillowry

The initial post to her Instagram story showed Kailyn holding a smoothie up to her mouth with the caption "Can you guess what I'm drinking?" written underneath it.

Her next post answered the question, but it was one that many did not want to hear.

Kailyn revealed that the smoothie included her placenta from her most recent birth.

Instagram | @kaillowry

"If you guessed my placenta, you're right!" she wrote. "Blended with fresh fruit and almond milk. Couldn't taste the placenta at all!"

Kailyn also tagged Lancaster Placenta Co. who made the smoothie themselves and posted the process on their Instagram stories.

This has caused quite the conversation, with some moms declaring it gross and others supporting Kailyn's choice.

Instagram | @kaillowry

What do you think? Would you ever consume a placenta after birth, or do you think that it is not worth it, no matter how tasty the smoothie might look? Let us know what you think in the comments!