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Disney Is Selling A 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Mug That Looks Like One Of Sally's Potion Jars

Start your countdown, pals, because cozy season is on the way. In just under two months, we can (more) appropriately consume all the pumpkin spice things and apple cider, along with a host of other classic hot drinks like tea and coffee.

Cozy season isn't complete without an amazing mug to sip from, and Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas mug is perfect for the occasion.

If you're a *Nightmare Before Christmas* fan, then this mug is simply meant to be yours.

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The 10-ounce mug is double-sided with Nightmare Before Christmas graphics, so no matter what side you sip from, you will get a major piece of the film.

On one side, A huge Jack Skellington face graces the mug with a tiny Jack and Sally nestled into his hollow eyes.

When the mug is flipped to the other side, it's made to look like one of Sally's potions.

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Remember the scene where she wants to escape Dr. Finklestein's lab and poisons him with her Deadly Night Shade?

The mug turns into the potion jar, but the only thing deadly about your drink is how delicious it will be as it's sipped from this mug!

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It also comes with a stirring spoon that looks like the one Sally uses to really complete the whole experience.

If you need this mug in your life, you can get it off Shop Disney for $20.

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