16+ Times We Learned Our Lesson

As we grow we learn gradually more about the way that the world around us works, and we never stop learning, the older we get!

Some people's life lessons come in slightly more bizarre and hilarious forms though. And, with this in mind, please enjoy these 16+ times we learned our lesson!

"My brother learned to be wary of cats from a young age."

Reddit | Loolander

Cats are incredibly untrustworthy creatures, and it's good that this little guy learned this so early! I wonder what it did to instill this wariness in him.

"Watching a toddler learn is fantastic."

Reddit | drock42

The phrase, "the future is in their hands" becomes actually quite terrifying if you just watch a young family member doing kid things for a couple of minutes.

"An important lesson learned by my 8 year old."

Reddit | misslissa

No one is ever too old or young to learn the important lesson about not vomiting on electronic appliances! We've all been there!

"Local doggie daycare learned to not leave a Roomba in the reception area."

Reddit | jacksonkeirmclean

That dog looks like it has been trying to draw a poop pentagram! It is clearly a demon dog!

"I think she learned a lesson here."

Reddit | Bmchris44

Ah, if only life were more like it is in the cartoons! Imagine being able to walk on lilypads and eat sandwiches the size of the ones on Scooby-Doo. The world would be a better place.

"My Kindergarten teaching experience in a nutshell."

Reddit | LaPagina

Yep, I don't see anything wrong with this whatsoever! Rainbows are the reason why I do most of the things I do in life!

The Joys Of Meetings!

Reddit | PinkSparklePig

I've never really worked anywhere that constantly had meetings, although I did work in a cafe that had us do online "enthusiasm seminars." The less said about them the better.

"Teaching haiku to kids yields excellent results."

Reddit | number784

I actually spent a lot of time teaching creative writing to primary school kids, and we used to teach them haikus. Kids have a natural aptitude for haikus. There's something endearing about the absurd way they phrase things like, "Lovable meat-brick"!

"My mom was overjoyed to learn about Pokémon Go from my nephew."

Reddit | SamwiseGamchi

Talking to kids about things they're interested in can be a terrible idea! They just keep talking and never shut up!

"What I Learned In Elementary School 101: Don't Wear A Green Shirt On Picture Day."

Reddit | giveawayguy99

Christ, I cannot imagine my primary school having ID cards! I feel incredibly old now so thanks for that!

The Art Of Storytelling!

Reddit | Maninhartsford

Yeah, that scans. This is the sort of thing you learn at the Michael Bay school of screenplay writing!

"Go to the Samurai experience in Kyoto, they said. You'll learn to wield a sword like a badass, they said."

Reddit | nixrue

Clearly this person didn't realize that ads for tourist experiences are full of lies! It still looks pretty fun though if I'm honest.

"Roommate dug a little snow cave on our deck to teach his cat about trying to escape."

Reddit | War_Eagle

I can hear the panicked meows through this picture! That cat won't learn its lesson though. They never do!

"I should [go] to this karate studio!"

Reddit | lentzk2

It becomes less of a joke when you realize that there really is no other entrance for employees or customers! If you can't make it, then you can't train here!

"The sash was supposed to say 'Spain.'"

Reddit | beetledreams

Well, it looks like this poor girl learned the important lesson that life actually is nothing but pain!

"My wife teaches Grade 3, this was not the answer she was expecting..."

Reddit | cryonova

Jesus Christ, I mean, I would have put email down right away. I wonder what the teacher made of this at parents' evening.

"He kept eating the other fish..."

Reddit | Ali_Sora

One helpful fish enthusiast explained, "Probably because that's [a] Cichlid, and he's super predatory. [...] Cichlids need to be with other Cichlids, and nothing else. Pet store dude should have told you this."

"Lesson number one: learn the pedals."

Reddit | Deadly_R

Everyone has to start somewhere I guess! I like how the door is still just hanging open as though they bolted as soon as this happened!

"Where can I sign up to study how to do this?"

Reddit | ItsBlare

I really don't think it is wise to put funny images like this in bathrooms, as it just encourages drunk people to try it!

"Cheap Guitar Lessons!"

Reddit | entity_TF_spy

Being a douchebag with a guitar is a state of mind! It also involves knowing only the chords to "Wonderwall" by Oasis.

"My wife is 1 year from finishing school as a Nurse Practitioner. I mean, I guess this is a good lesson to be taught..."

Reddit | DaBeeJ

I'm actually quite curious about what's in this. I might pick up a copy. It's never too late to learn how to kill less people!

"Roommate learned a valuable lesson today."

Reddit | wordsbynight

I cannot imagine the amount of students there are on a yearly basis who discover the difference between dish soap and dishwasher soap the hard way.

"Walking on through my park, learning about the local Flora."

Reddit | TheConesofDunshire

It is important to keep your streetlights well-watered as otherwise they can become too dim!

"Guy parked like a dick so me and a friend decided to teach him a lesson."

Reddit | RieseRhino

This person went on to write, "Me and my friend expected him to be extremely pissed but to our surprise he came out and laughed his ass off and told us he expected something like this to happen one day."

"How my nephew learned about electricity."

Reddit | eleventwelve14

This one is actually a lot more serious than that idiot kid with the hose! However, thankfully the person who posted this added that the nephew was totally fine, if a little shocked.

"My friend teaches first grade, they gave her this on her last day."

Reddit | PeeJayAre

Either the kids at this school need a few more lessons on spelling or they really, really hated this teacher!

"Okay so we had poor judgement, but we're only human after all!"

Reddit | naanoso

Dammit! Now where am I going to be able to go on holiday with my pet bear?! They told me I was mad getting a bear, and I guess they were right!

"Teach your children about tax."

Reddit | pirpiai

This is the sort of teachable moment that I can really get on board with! It is very much in line with the Ron Swanson method of teaching!

"Ever want to punch your little brother before?"

Reddit | ramblindan

To give us more detail, the poster returned to add, "I flew from Texas to Cali to visit him after one of his deployments. And I've never been to rehab. I'm still plotting my revenge." Just punching him is not enough, then.

"Really?? Nobody at Reuters has seen a Venn diagram before?"

Reddit | floppet123

They have. They just don't share those values. Instead, they value lying, evil, and solitude.

Remembering The Past.

Reddit | IVIUI3

So my life choices boil down to a baby or Prosecco? I think I know which I'll be picking then.

"I went all the way to Easter Island and got one good picture before my camera died."

Reddit | Shark-Farts

It is a good picture! You can guarantee no one has one like it so it's unique!

"When your best mate started on his summer body two months before you did."

Reddit | Justsoinsane

Lucky for that baby on the right, dad bods are totally in right now, so there's enough love to go round for both of 'em!

"They didn't even notice each other."

Reddit | dookietears

Is this a soulmate situation? I think it's a soulmate situation. If only they'd noticed, they would have known it was destiny.

"Been in this grocery store several times and just noticed the sign today."

Reddit | feellikebeingajerk

"Lost spouse? Aisle six. Oh, lost kid? Out of luck then. We don't carry those, sorry."

"WARNING: cyclists may be raptured [...]."

Reddit | MooingIntensifies

And unfortunately, by the time you realize it's happening, it's already too late.

"[Didn't] notice the plate cover for 2 minutes."

Reddit | Tiomara

If enough people misunderstood that you felt the need to get the plate cover, I don't think they're the stupid ones here.

"I can see into college classrooms across the street from my office. Today's lesson..."

Reddit | tedbrogan

And there was me studying English like an idiot when I apparently could have been taking a class on bathing cats!

"I just spent the past eight hours wearing two different shoes on my feet and never noticed it. I am a grown adult."

Reddit | smiecz

Brace yourself now, because your coworkers will never, ever let this one go.

"My campus bathroom has this amazing idea for students."

Reddit | Anthonyraym122

What I learned from this is that if a sign ends with "don't worry," then it is normally something that you really should be worrying about.