10+ Actors Who Look Like Their Animated Counterparts

Dedication to a role is everything. But when an actor also happens to bear a physical resemblance to the character they're portraying, it adds a whole other level of enjoyment.

Below are 10+ actors who not only look like their animated counterparts but they act the part as well. So much so that it's practically impossible to tell one from the other.

Angelina Jolie in *Maleficent* Vs. Maleficent in *Sleeping Beauty*.


When I was a kid and I'd watch Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent used to give me nightmares.

Now, when I watch Maleficent as an adult, it's Angelina Jolie who gives me nightmares! She is just that darn good.

Tom Holland in *Spider-Man: Homecoming* Vs. Peter Parker in *Spider-Man (Series) 1994*.


I have to give respect to Andrew Garfield because he was a perfectly adequate Spider-Man.

That said, Tom Holland just blows everyone out of the water. Not just for his portrayal as Spidey, but for his Peter Parker as well.

Curran Walters in *Titans* Vs. Jason Todd in *Batman: Under The Red Hood*.


I happen to think that Titans is a fantastic show. It's violent, gritty, complex, and so much more!

Curran Walters plays the smart alec, troublesome rebel Jason Todd to a "T". And just look at the two of them — brothers, am I right?

Benedict Cumberbatch in *Doctor Strange* Vs. Doctor Strange in *Spider-Man (Series) 1994*.


I have to admit, I wasn't a huge fan of Doctor Strange as a whole. But one thing you cannot contest is the brilliance of Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange.

They absolutely nailed it.

James McAvoy in *X-Men: Apocalypse* Vs. Charles Xavier in *X-Men (Series) 1992*.


I can already feel the hate from all my Patrick Stewart fans waiting in the wings. Let me be clear: I love P-Stew.

But when I think Charles Xavier, I don't think of a north-of-middle-aged man. I see James with his beautiful bald head.

Robert Downey Jr. in *Iron Man* Vs. Tony Stark in *Iron Man (Series) 1994*.


Well this one is kind of obvious, isn't it? I mean, was there ever a more perfect comic book casting than Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark? No, there wasn't.

And don't worry all you Hugh Jackman fans, he's coming later on so don't work yourselves up quite yet.

Matthew Lillard in *Scooby-Doo* Vs. Shaggy in *Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?*

Warner Bros. | WB

I feel like Matthew Lillard is someone who doesn't get taken as seriously as he should. The man has range and depth and if you don't believe me go watch Good Girls.

Anyway, he absolutely slays as Shaggy. I'm not saying Scooby-Doo is a great movie by any means but he is great in it.

Christopher Reeve in *Superman* Vs. Clark Kent in *The New Adventures Of Superman (1966)*.


I can't even look at a picture of Christopher Reeve without hearing Five For Fighting's "Superman" playing in my head.

If ever there was a man born to wear the cape, it was Christopher.

Gal Gadot in *Wonder Woman* Vs. Wonder Woman in *Justice League: War*.


Gal Gadot, just like Wonder Woman, is an absolute beast. She perfectly encapsulates the character's strength, warrior spirit, as well as her compassion.

Gal is practically the spitting image of Diana Prince. Not to mention, her performance was nothing short of breathtaking.

Brenton Thwaites in *Titans* Vs. Nightwing in *Young Justice*.


I told you, I love Titans and you can't talk about Jason Todd without referencing Dick Grayson — the first Robin (turned Nightwing).

Brenton looks as if he just walked out of a comic book panel.

Hugh Jackman in *X-Men* Vs. Logan/Wolverine in *X-Men*.


I told you we'd get to Hugh Jackman eventually. Wolverine is one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time and Hugh Jackman absolutely defied all expectations. It would go on to become the defining performance of his career.

Jim Carrey in *Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas* Vs. The Grinch in *How The Grinch Stole Christmas*.

Universal Pictures | Warner Home Video

Don't even try to come at me with "It's just the prosthetics." You know you can see right through that green makeup to the silly seductive face of Jim Carrey underneath!

This film is a Christmas staple in our house.

Henry Cavill in *Man Of Steel* Vs. Clark Kent/Superman in *Superman: The Animated Series*.


Ahem...the second-best man to ever play the role of Superman!

There's no denying that Henry looks the part but there's a lot more to his Superman than just a physical resemblance. Henry has an underlying stoicism about him that adds to the allure and mystery of Kal-El from Krypton.

Ben Affleck in *Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice* Vs. Bruce Wayne in *Batman: The Animated Series*.


Ben Affleck was the Batman that we deserved but not the one that we needed. One day, we'll look back and say that he was the greatest actor to ever don the cowl.

Until then, let's hope we get to see some new footage in the #SnyderCut.

Mena Massoud in *Aladdin* Vs. Aladdin in *Aladdin (1992)*.


Disney really knocked it out of the park with the casting of Mena Massoud. He's got everything from the jet-black hair, that sultry voice, and of course Aladdin's trademark smile.

That's one handsome man, if I do say so myself.